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[contact me at: rebelgrrlkitchen@gmail.com]

Hi, I’m Raechel and I’m an academic. But I try to keep it real and balanced by being more than that too….Because I’m also a fashion-loving femme. And a health and fitness devotee.  And an activist. And a health-conscious vegan baker&cook. And a bit of a cat-lady…..(okay, a lot of a cat-lady). And, now, it would seem, also a blogger!

On Rebel Grrrl Kitchen, I write about all the standard healthy living themes: yoga, wellness, fitness, vegan/gluten-free/raw food, etc. But I don’t stop there; I’m not shy about being  critical of the ways in which this kind of lifestyle has been co-opted by our capitalist, racist system. I can’t write about food without writing about justice. It’s important for me to be conscious of  questions related to structures, privilege, and geography when thinking about my own food choices, and my lifestyle choices.

In addition, I want this blog to contribute to spaces on the internet that promote body-love and self-acceptance. Like many women, I have a long history with disordered eating and body image issues. This is still something I struggle with, but as a feminist, it is hugely important to me to use this space to counter the body-shaming content that is so pervasive in our society.

Rebel Grrrl Kitchen features:

*recipes (NOTE: all recipes are vegan, most will be gluten-free and sugar-free, some will be raw!)

*”What I Ate/What I Worked” Wednesdays

*Yoga stuff (I’m a certified yoga teacher)

*fitness routines, workout reviews, etc.

*….and more!

I have to say that I’ve been very inspired by tons of amazing food bloggers that motivate me daily to stay on track with healthy eating and living. Make sure to check out my blogroll for these amazing folks!

My Path to Veganism

Read this post to learn more about how/why I became vegan.

spooning a green tea smoothie. yumz!

Why “Rebel Grrrl”?

There are two ways to answer this question. The first has to do with Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. Flynn  was a full-time organizer for the IWW, who often faced arrest for the work she did with striking miners, garment and service workers. Joe Hill wrote the song “The Rebel Girl” in her honor. The Rebel Girl is also the name of her memoir.

The second reason is because of my riot grrrl roots! “Rebel Girl” by bikini kill is like an anthem!:

*note: there are technically three “r”s in “riot grrrl.” it felt like too many for a web address, so i shortened it to two. don’t hate me.


Here are some photos of me in fitness-mode. Yoga-ing and running in a 5k:

kind of a weak natarajasana. i was scared of falling in the water!

valentine’s day 5K. like my pink hat? i drew hearts on my cheeks too. nbd. ; )

26 thoughts on “About Raechel

  1. Joyous-Crocodile says:

    Hi there, I’m not vegan but can appreciate the cooking. My wife (soon I hope) and I (mostly) are blogging about our love for each other, baking and cooking. It’s not a vegan blog sorry, but it is queer…and I’m pescatarian if that makes any difference. (Probably not!) Anyway, I’ll enjoy looking through your blog and hope you might come visit ours sometime…

  2. Quincy @ Shugurcän says:

    I just happened upon your blog and I’m glad I did. You sound just like me! (I also love cats, anything vegan, and yoga.) It’s so cool that you are opinionated and write about your views. Plus your recipes look delicious and I can always use some inspiration (:

  3. laurasmess says:

    I normally hate any words that are written with z’s instead of s’s, or multiple rrrr’s… but you’re so awesome I’ll get over it. Love your blog. Fantastic ethos and great political aspect. I love a bit of riot/activism (I was pretty active in my uni days too. Ah, so sad they’re now over). Following you!

    • raechel says:

      Hahah, fair enough, I think I usually hate that too, but was weird blog writing mode took over, and the z’s came out in full force. Glad you can look past it, thanks for the follow! : )

      • laurasmess says:

        Hahaaa, definitely understand! And it’s your blog so up to your discretion (maybe you’ll win me over and I’ll start using z’s in a couple of months!!!)

  4. happyhealthy365 says:

    I just started reading some of your posts and already in love with your blog! And totally in love with your kitten! :)

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