Friday Five!

Hey gang! I’m back with a new FF! February and March have been wildly busy, but I’m so stoked on staying connected to my non-official-work stuff right now, so I totally want to make time for this and my new podcast (which I’m shamelessly featuring in the list today, so more on that in a sec).

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Here we go!


What Women Find in Friendship that They May Not Get in Love 

This article in the NYT by Rebecca Traister is admittedly very heteronormative, but also has some good things to say about female friendship. Traister explains, “As women live more of our adult lives unmarried, we become ourselves not necessarily in tandem with a man or within a traditional family structure, but instead alongside other women: our friends.” She goes on to discuss how these friendships play a role in our lives even if and when women go on to get married (see, very heteronormative). But as someone really loves and values the lady friends in my life, I really liked this read. (Also, this is one of a handful of articles we’re discussing at my feminist bookclub tonight, and I’m excited to discuss it with my lady-friends IRL!)

Feminist Killjoys, PhD podcast

fkj logo

Shameless self-poromotion alert! In case you missed my last post about it, one of my best friends from grad school, Melody, and I have been talking about starting a podcast for over a year, and we finally got it off the ground. In it we discuss politics, pop culture, and more through an accessible, feminist lens. We also talk about stuff we’re reading and music we’re digging every ep. We are kind of a hoot and also smarty pants (if I do say so myself) who care about social justice pretty deeply, so you should totally listen and let us know your thoughts on the things we discuss. We want to make a space for folks (especially marginalized folks) to share their opinions on things that matter, because we live in a world where the only opinions who have weight seem to be those belonging to mostly rich white dudes. The most recent episode is about women with tattoos. Give us a listen, like our Facebook page, (and then subscribe to our iTunes when that’s up and running). We hope you’ll join us! xo

Nina Simone’s Face

Ta-Nehisi Coates has done it again with this beautiful and important essay about, as the title indicates, the importance of Nina Simone’s face, and how casting Zoe Saldana in the new biopic fails the legacy of the singer. Coates writes, “It’s difficult to subtract the choice to cast Saldana from the economics of Hollywood—Saldana is seen as bankable in a way that other black women in her field are not. It’s equally difficult to ignore the fact that, while it is hard for all women in Hollywood, it is particularly hard for black women, and even harder for black women who share the dark skin, broad nose and full lips of Nina Simone. This fact is not separable from this country’s racist history, nor is the notion of “darkening up” a lighter skinned black person… It’s possible that the producers were not, themselves, personally racist. This has no bearing whatsoever on anything. In America, racism is a default setting. To do nothing, to go along with the market, to claim innocence or neutrality, is to inevitably be a cog in the machine of racist hierarchy.”

Cauliflower Cheese Sauce Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

I am always up for a new twist on a stuff sweet potato, and I love the sound of this cauliflower cheese sauce fro Green Evi. It looks spicy, filling, creamy, and delicious! Adding to my list of recipes to make asap!


Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

starting the week brunching with a dear friend visiting from out of town; recording and releasing ep 2 of the podcast!; plus all the other podcasts i listen to and love including Lacy’s new podcast with her boo, Adult Crash, about being 30+ punks (it’s so good guys—the money episode just had me feeling all the feelings); seeing more wonderful old friends who were in town for a conference; having a good friend here that offers to drive me places sometimes (because getting around Boston is a fucking nightmare and triggers the crap out of my anxiety); my delightful black cats; when a Sculpt student of mine asked me when else I taught because she said my classes were her favorite :); seeing the growth the yoga sculpt teacher trainers have already experienced in week 1 of the training I’m co-leading; sunshine; listening to Against Me!’s “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong” as a St. Patrick’s Day tradition; that eating green on St. Paddy’s day was so easy because my daily life involves spinach, green tea, and kale; these two videos of badass dancers dancing to “Formation” and “Work,” respectively; feminist book club tonight; and being on SPRING BREAK!


What made you happy this week? xoxo

6 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. onesonicbite says:

    I can’t wait to read that Nina Simone article. I was noticing today that the faces of WOC in film and TV has changed some. I might argue that some WOC featured in earlier TV and films actually look less “white” than today, but are shown much less frequently. I wonder what that means for representation today? Then again, I am aware I watch a lot of movies and shows that weren’t mainstream then and still aren’t. XD

    I also got to listen to the first episode of Feminist Killjoy PHD and I really enjoyed it. Now there are two episodes that I need to get to.

    • raechel says:

      I think that’s such a good observation. But also, what kind of roles did they play? That’s an important question too.

      So glad you’re enjoying the podcast, that makes me really happy! <3

  2. lysette says:

    So happy you’ve got the podcast up! It’s as engaging and provoking as imagined it would be and I love hearing your voice! Very necessary part of my podcast roster <3

    • raechel says:

      I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear that the lovely friends i’ve made via the blog are coming along with me to the podcast! Thank you Lysette, always grateful to know your spirit is out there, that we’re sharing some pieces of space. <3

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