Friday Five!


Wow, a whole month since my last post. I’m not surprised—February was a real doozy. The past month involved leading an intensive bootcamp program at my yoga studio, teaching, working on two new research articles, oh, and making the second hardest decision of my life. Making heavy life-decisions is so all-consuming; the emotional labor I had to do to get through navigating it really took a toll on me physically and mentally. And I just didn’t have it in me to muster up a blog post.

But everything is okay! All is really well actually. And I do plan to do a post explaining more about that sometime in the near future… But today I’m fighting off a bad cold, so I’m going to get right into the FF!


5 Ways to Share Your Fitness Life on Social Media More Thoughtfully

I’m super interested in your reaction to this piece by Melissa A. Fabello, which focuses on the ways in which gym, yoga, and any other fitness-related photos on social media can be potentially harmful to people in ED recovery. I admit to having very mixed feelings about this. There are certain forms of this fitness-sharing that I find personally triggering, and I’ve definitely unfollowed people who encourage that reaction from me. But other forms of this I find to be legitimately empowering and inspirational. I usually post a fitness-related selfie about once a week (the day I teach a double, when I have some alone-time in the studio in between classes!). I enjoy putting my body—a body that is not a traditional zero-body-fat fitness model body—on display in a way that affirms my queer, femme, punk relationship to yoga and exercise, but I can totally see how that could inspire some eye rolls (at best) or triggers (at worst) from particular people. I also think about this a lot in relationship to disability; singing the glories of how fitness has changed our lives can be problematic not only for ED’d people, but also for disabled folks who can never use their bodies in those ways.  I’d love to know your thoughts about this!

Closing the Loop

I was so into this Aria Dean piece on The New Inquiry. In it, Dean dissects “selfie-feminism,” which she identifies as reflective of the version of post-feminism that exists today. Dean asserts that of course selfies can be empowering, but we have to ask for whom? Dean writes, “Intuitively, the selfie still feels valuable, but the compounded male, white, and colonialist gazes that work so hard to blur Black women and femmes into oblivion have too much force behind them to leave me with enough agency both to politicize a topless mirror selfie and to believe in that politicization one-hundred percent. Since it has been made abundantly clear, of late, that photo or video documentation proves very little and changes even less, simply documenting the Black female body falls short. Maybe a selfie comes close to proving that you exist – that you are at least firmly situated in time and space — but it proves nothing else conclusive about you: this is to say that, self-documentation of Black life still seems unable to contend with the “mass of images” produced by anti-blackness’s aggressive and distributed media campaign.” It’s worth reading the whole piece and I’m totally going to assign it in a class next semester. 

How to Choose Self-Compassion 

I had bookmarked this article knowing I’d need to revisit it, and I’m glad I did. Carly Hauk provides accessible and practice tools to make self-compassion a habit, or at least a practice to incorporate in moments that it’s most needed. I’ve needed to learn a lot about self-compassion over the past couple years, and I found myself needing a reminder after I was feeling down on myself for getting sick this week and not getting as much done work-wise as I’d hoped. Self-compassion is helping me remember that being sick is not a sign of  bad character and to remember that I can get back to work as soon as I’m well again!

Coconut Rice with Turmeric Kale 

Surprise! Another turmeric recipe on the blog! Does this recipe from Naturally Ella not sound and look completely delicious?! It also seems relatively simple too. Just cook rice and kale with a little more flavor flare. I’m in.


Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy 

i started the week with my mom in town, watching the Oscars, as is our tradition every year! i had some friends over and enjoyed talking about all the socio-political implications of the evening over champagne and vegan apps!; voting for a self-identified socialist on Super Tuesday (i don’t think bernie is perfect, but he’s the candidate i’ve agreed with more than any other, in the history of presidential candidates); having a TA this semester so staying home from work for a sick day didn’t totally throw my class off-schedule; my adorable kittens; yoga and sculpt and intention-setting; green tea; reading Andrea Gibson’s words every night before bed; having self-compassion with myself and allowing my body to rest when it’s unwell; the giant pot of healing soup I made this week; and this New Order cover!


What made you happy this week? xoxo

One thought on “Friday Five!

  1. onesonicbite says:

    I was a little disappointed by the “5 Ways to Share Your Fitness Life on Social Media More Thoughtfully” because it felt a little bit like if you are already concerned about the issue, you probably already think about the things she mentions. That being said, I think a lot of people would find it helpful to balance out their blogs/instagram/facebook/etc feeds. It made me think of another article (which I don’t have anymore and wouldn’t share since it wasn’t most well written and a little self indulgent) about how the fitness industry is doing a bad job reaching other people since it focuses so much on sacrifice. Which I find to be the usual trigger for people, and it is alienating for anyone who is trying to become more active. When I get time I’ll check out the other two articles!

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