Friday Five!


Hello and belated happy new year! After a month of being in the Midwest for the holidays, I am back in Boston and back into a somewhat normal routine. Although things are still very busy (mostly with work, but also with some fun things), I really do plan to post more on here again. (Blogging more is actually one of my New Year Goals, a topic which I hope will be a post in itself before January’s end.)

So, anyway, hi. My travels were really wonderful and really stressful. I tried hard, (with inconsistent success), to focus on the wonderful parts. And I’m definitely focusing on the wonderful parts now. (Presence is always such a practice.)

I have a lot of really exciting things happening in the upcoming months, and I’m eager to share many of them with you. But today is not the day for much more than our trusty friend, the Friday Five. So let’s get to it, shall we?


Wellness Can Be Stupidly Expensive. Here are 15 Things I Do to Stay Healthy (Under $10) 

I turn to Mindbodygreen when I need standard, basic wellness inspiration, and don’t usually expect that there will be people writing from a particularly critical consciousness. So it was a pleasant surprise to discover this working class-centric post written by an activist who believes that self-care is something everyone deserves, not just the very rich. Lots of good tips in here!

Technology for Your New Year’s Resolutions

The queers at Autostraddle have compiled a handy guide of the best of apps to help you stay healthy (mentally/emotionally/physically), be productive, manage money, and get organized. Bonus points because it includes many I hadn’t yet heard of! I’m excited to try some out.

Trans People Do Not Endanger Society 

My friend Nico Lang wrote this excellent, well-researched piece about the absolute absurdity of “trans people are dangerous” rhetoric, especially in a society that violences and endangers trans people at wildly disproportionate rates. It’s a good Trans 101 for anyone in your life who still doesn’t get it.

Sweet Potato Fries w/ Spicy Turmeric Drizzle


Do you want to know something really sad? During my strict food rules- era, I went almost three years without eating a single fry. Fries were not a part of my life. FRIES! They are so good! And I had none of them in my belly! (Lesson: “clean eating” can be a real bummer). So you better believe that when I got out of that restrictive mindset that I wanted to make up for lost time, especially with fries that didn’t make me feel crappy after eating them. And fortunately making fries at home yourself allows you to have delicious fries with a lot less of the oil that tends to make my tummy ache. So, long story short, I’m stoked about sweet potato fries recipes, and I am especially stoked about a sweet potato fries recipe that includes TURMERIC DRIZZLE. I love turmeric. I love fries. I know I’m gonna love this recipe from Sprouts & Chocolate!

Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

being an accomplice in a friend’s marriage proposal; quality time with my boo; watching the Golden Globes, because I love award shows even if they make bad decisions; surviving, amidst two blizzards, the 12+ hour drive from Cleveland to Boston. (it sucked but it made me really happy that i got through it!); podcasts! so many good podcasts got me through the aforementioned drive!; snuggles with the most perfect boycat in all the land; the flowing of creative juices; getting back to my yoga studio;  making headway on the upcoming semester’s syllabi and getting excited to teach Sex & Gender and Intro to Social Justice Studies!; crisp winter air; warm cozy tea; making good decisions about social media; being there for a friend in need; Shamir; & sincere acceptance


What made you happy this week? xoxo 

7 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. frugalveganmom says:

    Always love your Friday Five! I totally can relate to the mindbodygreen article… every single day I am so grateful that I get free yoga classes, a discounted gym membership, that my kids’ dad is still helping out both with child care and financially so that I have time to focus on myself / maintain my sanity. I suppose I just stated in that paragraph what made me happy this week =)

    • raechel says:

      That self-care is all so so important. I’m grateful you have that too! I know it’s been a rough time, you totally deserve to love yourself hard with all those things. <3

  2. FoodFeud says:

    Love that self-care on a budget article! Journaling is so important, and it seems like when I need it most i always forget about it.
    Turmeric is so fantastic + those fries look great. I’d definitely eat those in a second.
    making me most happy recently is seeing Silvia Federici yesterday at a local community space! She is so inspiring, smart, and sweet. Are you familiar with her work? I’m also happy to see you back blogging :)

  3. lysette says:

    Nico Lang’s article was excellent, the suicide statistics always break me when I read them. Loved the self care article too, great tips for 2016. I’m grateful I have so much smudge sage growing in my town, sweetgrass is a little harder to come by. I’m happy to see you back to blogging too!

  4. onesonicbite says:

    Yey Shamir! I’ve been loving his debut album.

    I am also loving the self-care article. So many things I do, and it makes a difference. My whole family thinks I am crazy but I love going to the library. There are so many wellness books, vegan cookbooks, exercise DVDs, and things that aren’t health based but can be expensive like DVDs (how I was able to watch True Blood), CDs (total hit or miss), video games, and even comic books. And opening a window is so nice. I am the only person who does it in on our street (maybe even the whole development) It is the easiest way to air out your house, cool it, and get those toxins out.

    • raechel says:

      Isn’t Shamir AMAZING?! I want to see him live so badly!

      And the library is ALSO amazing. I don’t utilize it enough, but what a great place and for FREE! My friend who is a librarian reminds people that it’s “the only socialist organization in the US” (in a good way)! And totally about open windows too. One of the hardest parts of winter is not opening windows.

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