Friday Five!

Hello! I’m finally back with a Friday Five! It’s the last week of the semester, and although I have piles of grading to get through, the past couple days have offered a small bit of respite. I decided to use this little pocket of free time to start writing holiday cards, put away dishes, and get back to the blog. So here I am!

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Hi. :)

The internet didn’t fail us this week, so I have plenty of goodies to share! Lez get to it!


Queer Homeless Youth, Queer Activism in Transition

I really appreciated the thoroughness of this Slate piece discussing the current state of queer youth homelessness and queer activism. After explaining the root of the multiple causes to the homeless crisis (and how it disproportionately impacts QPOC youth), the authors discuss the promising shifts in activism and social service responses–and the areas that still need work. It also features the voices of many Q/TPOC homeless youth, so we get to hear directly from those who are most impacted (something that is sorely missing from a lot of reports/articles that discuss social problems). Definitely worth a read (and full of links to excellent organizations that would probably love some holiday donation goodness sent their way)!

Stoya, James Deen, and the New Shift in Rape Culture

So, I’m just gonna go ahead and admit that I was, um, familiar with James Deen’s work before his name exploded in the media the past couple weeks. And so perhaps it goes without saying that I was especially sickened to hear that the porn star who is often praised for his relationship to women on screen–(his films are often female pleasure-centric, which is not exactly the norm in that industry)– was also the perpetrator of numerous sexual assaults and rapes. His ex-girlfriend and former co-star, Stoya, was the first of the brave women to speak out and ever since then more and more have come forward. This article from Laurie Penny  explores the responses to the allegations–overwhelming support of Stoya and overwhelming rejection of Deen– as an important step forward in eradicating rape culture.  Penny writes, “If patriarchy dreams, then its nightmares must involve women talking, loudly, bravely, about men. In fact, much of our culture is set up to avoid just this. Women are pitted against each other, taught to compete for male attention, socialized against solidarity. Our truths are dismissed as gossip and chatter, our writing as empty confession. The prospect of women truly talking to each other, trusting one another, and standing together against male violence and sexism in their communities is legitimately terrifying to those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.” Not only are women coming together to support and stand in solidarity with other women, but this support is also changing the discourse around sex work.

Making Room for Miracles

I love love love Chani Nicholas. She is an astrologer, a fierce advocate for social justice, and a beautiful writer. I get very excited Sunday evening when she publishes her weekly horoscopes, and am always eager to read her additional forecasting posts. This week she gave us some insights into what the new moon in Sagittarius means for our world and our souls. Here’s a sample: “Every time you love out loud you are opening a space for a miracle to enter. Every time you seek to create a safe and just world for all you are helping miracles to occur. Every time you remember that your liberation is bound up in the liberation of every other being on the planet, you have been granted a miracle. Every time we remember and act on the fact that we are all here to serve one another, we have been part of a miracle.” Indeed. Do your spirit a favor and read the whole post. <3

Fancy Antioxidant Hot Chocolate

I was so mesmerized by the ingredients in this hot chocolate recipe, I knew I had to feature it in the FF this week! Check it, this recipe includes: fresh ginger, saffron, split vanilla bean, ROSE PETALS (!), (and other more predictable ingredients too). I think this would be an awesome beverage to make to impress some loved ones on a snowy afternoon (if we ever get any snow, ugh).


Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

warm fuzzy emails and kind words from students thanking me for the semester; holiday season things, like pretty lights and card writing and christmas music everywhere!; buying gifts…i get so excited about finding perfect things for people i love; kitten snuggles; healthy communication; discovering this poet and all their beautiful words; having friends over for dinner–i love hosting dinner parties so so much, it truly feeds my soul; being on the other side of a terrible cold; leading the ayurveda lecture for the yoga studio’s wellness cleanse program and totally nerding out and feeling excited to re-commit to even more daily ayurvedic practices; some encouraging job news; & experiencing lots of moments of being present and content and happy with my life (in all its messy, uncertain, and complicated glory). <3


What made you happy this week? xoxoxo 

One thought on “Friday Five!

  1. FoodFeud says:

    Hey Raechel! Loving those bangs, fer real.
    Thanks for the links, especially that hot chocolate recipe one! I love the colder months for the sweaters, the hot drinks, and all the cozy and sweet under-the-blankets stuff but it’s not even cold! I feel ripped off.
    Thanks for the Chani Nicholas link too. I don’t follow any one specific horoscope site regularly, but do you ever read mask magazine articles? They have some interesting stuff, as well as a horoscope. the one for this month (which i read specifically since this is my birthday month and sagittarian moon) was really on point. This looks like a nice site to follow as well.
    This week was sort of a struggle, but it made me happy because nothing comes without fighting for it. I’m working on my communication skills and it is ROUGH and HARD to trust people but the payoff is wonderful. I also saw Carol which I totally recommend! Hope things are good and festive for you!

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