England Adventures Part 3: Workouts!

I haven’t done a workout post in a while, and I especially love sharing fitness updates while I’m traveling because it means I am usually having to be creative and not relying on my yoga and sculpt classes at home. So I thought I’d take today’s post to give you a glimpse into the workouts I’ve been doing in England this month.

post-workout selfie.

post-workout selfie.

I have been very lucky to have a gym in the basement of the abbey. It’s fully stocked with treadmills, weight machines, and free weights.

2015-06-09 12.14.29

Running outside has been near impossible with the condition my left knee is in, but for whatever reason, doing 25 minutes on the treadmill about four-five times a week has been fine for me since I’ve been here. I find it to be a great warm-up to strength-focused HIIT work and/or yoga. I like doing interval running the most. I usually start at level 5, and then increase by .5 every minute until I’m up to level 8, then go back down to 5 and do it all over again. This kind of running appeals to me more than one steady pace both because it does more for your heart and also it’s less boring. :)

2015-06-09 12.14.24

When I’m done running, I generally spend some time with the free weights, or follow along to an exercise video on YouTube. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know some of my favorite YouTube trainers include Zuzana, Melissa Bender, and the PurelyTwins. But my new most favorite addition has been Christine Salus. I absolutely love her workouts (and her personality too!—which is sometimes a hard combination to find). This month I’ve enjoyed this tabata workout, this arm workout, and this 30 minute HIIT. When I have more time, I love her 45-60 minute long workouts.

I try to end my workouts with at least 15 minutes of yoga. I usually do my own routines with some pretty music in the background, but sometimes I watch yoga Youtube videos, like this one.

the gym has these nifty yoga mats with a helpful yoga pose guide. : )

the gym has these nifty yoga mats with a helpful yoga pose guide. : )

Being able to stick to a near-daily workout routine has been really helpful for my mental health. I had been struggling with feeling grounded even before coming here, so having that familiar consistency has been very helpful for me.

There are some days, however, that I don’t get to fit in a workout, which is something I struggle with both at home and while traveling. Taking rest days is a challenge for me. But I’m happy to say that I’ve made a lot more peace with it this past month. The days I haven’t been able to go to the gym have been the days that we leave early for big day trips to awesome places, like London, Stonehenge, and Bath. The idea of getting bent out of shape for not working out as I’m en route to supercool spots has, fortunately, seemed pretty foolish to me. My plan is to practice this kind of attitude toward rest days back at home as well!


What workouts have you been doing lately? What do you like to do when you travel? xoxo

9 thoughts on “England Adventures Part 3: Workouts!

  1. lysette says:

    Cool Raechel, thanks for all the workout links! The gym I usually workout at is shut for renovations/new owners so I’ve been looking around for DIY workouts. I struggle with rest days too. I suffered the consequences of pushing my body all the time with injuries and burn out -especially back when I was doing construction work and going to the gym after and pushing myself extra hard on the weekends. I look back on it and think I was totally f-ing nuts! I now see rest days for their value in repairing my body. That and good sleep, I fight myself with that one too. Cool you have a mini gym in the building. Weights are my favorite and running. When I travel I just work on yoga and practicing my squat form. Even with no extra weight really focusing hard on all the squat cues is challenging! Your side trips sound awesome, love to hear more about them :)

  2. Natalia says:

    I love Melissa Bender :) I have recently discovered lovesweatfitness too.. she’s quite girly, but does quick squat challenges to Taylor Swift songs, so what’s not to love? :P I’m just catching up on your blog posts, looking forward to seeing what you’ve had to say about the UK!! x

  3. FoodFeud says:

    Ah I’ve been away from the blogs too long! Nice recap of the workouts – glad you’ve found a balance between things you like to do/things you can do/and being okay with what you aren’t able to find time for.
    For some reason I’ve always wanted to run on a treadmill, is that weird? It would probably get boring after a while but I have a lot of anxiety about running in public so it might be nice to run inside around other people who are there to do the same. It’s weird, though, because I can’t ever see myself paying for a gym membership – I’ve always liked running because it’s free and you can get outside. Are there usually many other people in the gym when you use it? In any case, I’m glad you have that option available to you.
    Also, looking back through yr other posts – what exactly is a kale ball???

    • raechel says:

      You should try running on a treadmill! Sneak into a gym or do a free week somewhere just to see. :) Blasting punk and hardcore music while running is SUPER FUN! I think you’d like it. : )

      The kale ball was like a date/kale powder/nut kind of thing. Not the best, but not the worst!

  4. onesonicbite says:

    I usually don’t “workout” when I travel because 1) I’ve never had to travel for longer than a week and 2) I usually travel to places where I hike or walk a lot. I figure I might as well give myself the mental break of trying to figure out how to fit in a sweat session. Sometimes I go for a run, or so some simple exercises like planks and such.

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