Mindfulness Monday: Bottoms of the Feet

Hello and happy Monday. How have you all been doing with the mindfulness challenges? I admittedly did not have an entirely empty dish rack this week, but it was empty most nights and definitely clearer than usual, in general. Remember one of the things about mindfulness practice is accepting failure. Just observing. I gained information about myself on the nights the dish rack was not clear. Some challenges have been more consistent, some less. I’m just noticing without judgement and moving forward. I do feel a significant shift in my thinking and feel generally slower and more intentional in my daily actions, and that’s been pretty lovely.

This week I’m borrowing another challenge from the How to Train a Wild Elephant Book that I read weekly. This week I’m asking you to join me in noticing the bottom of your feet:


I’ve been pay more attention to the bottom of my feet since beginning my yoga practice in earnest. We talk a lot about “grounding” in yoga. Tadasana (mountain pose) often feels like an energetically lifting pose, but the pose would be nothing without the foundation. We talk in yoga about minding all four corners of your feet, spreading your toes, shifting weight.


Focusing on connecting your feet to the earth is the practice of grounding. Grounding becomes a very helpful practice if your life feels a bit out of control. When things are unknown or confusing or scary, the stress of that often physically manifests as a sense of having no foundation. But the truth is, we always have a solid foundation of the ground beneath our feet. Connecting to that reality may not make the unknowns known or the confusing more clear or the scary go away, but it may shift our perspective on our ability to handle those things.


Updated Note: I am realizing that posting about stable ground could be insensitive to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. The ground there was quite literally not there for those people. Please consider donating or sending prayers/energy to the victims. Please forgive the irony of the timing of this post. 


How did you do with the dishes challenge? Will you join me grounding down through the bottom of your feet this week? xo

4 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday: Bottoms of the Feet

  1. FoodFeud says:

    The earthquake in Nepal is such a sad mess. I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by posting about grounding!
    I will try to think more about the bottoms of my feet this week! I feel like I’ve been doing cartwheels instead and flying all over the place lately! It would be nice to take some time. Although I have been finding myself just gazing out and appreciating the sky and budding trees. That’s nice, at least.

  2. raechel says:

    I’m glad you know I didn’t mean anything! I put it on Facebook and it was right above a post about Nepal, and I was like, “fuck.”

    I’m glad you’ve been appreciating the sky and trees! I love when they start to bloom. Lots of pretty ones here in Boston.

  3. lysette says:

    Grounding advice is exactly what I need right now – I didn’t draw a parallel to Nepal till you mentioned it but thank you for the link to donate. I haven’t been following any news all week and when I turned the radio on yesterday and heard the figures I gasped, it is devastating.

    A friend walks around barefoot all the time, his feet are tough as! He hates shoes, only wearing them in the winter, says -without being at all woo woo about it- being barefoot keeps him connected to the earth. We just celebrated his 60th birthday and he’s as fit and youthful as a teenager, despite living off rolled cigs and espresso. I’m not prescribing his lifestyle but I think being barefoot outside is something I should do, at least with this warmer weather too!

    ‘Noticing without judgement’ – I like that :)

    • raechel says:

      Wow, your friend sounds like a badass! I’ve heard lots of really interesting things about bare feet-on-earth connection being pretty transformative. Thanks for sharing that! : )

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