Friday Five!

Hello and happy Friday! My week has been quite busy, so this intro to the FF will be short and sweet. The picture below is one I snapped on my way to the train the other day. I thought it was really lovely. <3


And now, four things from the internet + a list of stuff from the week that made me happy….


Commodifying Black Death

This article was written after the devastating death of Eric Garner but I think it’s worth re-circulating after the devastating death of Walter Scott that happened on Tuesday.  William C. Anderson acknowledges that viral videos of Garner’s murder serve to “illustrate and illuminate the injustice of police violence,” but wonders about other implications these images of Black death might have. Anderson states: “Dead Black people are not ornaments to be put up and taken down for every activist need, purpose and point. Treating those who have come before us as such might reinforce our objectification and further cement our disposability in public consciousness.”


 Queer Farmer Interview

On a lighter note, I loved reading this interview with Jonah Mossberg,  the filmmaker behind Out Here, a documentary about queer farmers. The trailer for the film looks awesome, and Mossberg’s insights are lovely: “I think small-scale sustainable agriculture is inherently a logical and safe place for queer people because it’s a place where we can enact and practice our queer values. For me, my queer values are that I’m anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian too, and engaging in farming is another beautiful way to do that.” 

Teaching Yoga to Teen Girls with Sexual Trauma and the Connection to Us All 

(First, obviously, trigger-warning for content about sexual assault). This piece is really powerful. In describing her own reflections on her sexual assault and healing while teaching young girls who have experienced trauma, Anne Falkowski writes, “Therapy and yoga were my tools. Therapy started to unravel the event and showed me how I had gone through life operating through the lens of my trauma, distorting my self worth. In therapy, I began to try to widen my view but I just couldn’t seem to get it to stay open. It wasn’t until I practiced yoga that I could actually begin to let go of self-hatred and expand myself to feel high-quality feelings such as self-love and trust. I had needed to make the connections in my body. It was then that I began to grow.” Lots of realness here.

Collard Wraps with Chickpea Walnut Meat

Maud always inspires me to have more collard wraps in my life, and I really like the looks of this one from Dishing up the Dirt. Not only does it look delicious, but it also has very few ingredients and sounds super simple to make. Also, springy, right?


Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

seeing more progress from my Sculpt teacher trainers!; coffee (this is a new thing for me, so it’s pretty exciting to delve more into this club that I’ve never really been a part of…I’m still mostly a tea drinker, but a good cup of joe from a swanky coffee shop has become a recent simple pleasure for me!); more progress on my tattoo; surprise gift bag on my doorstep from a sweet friend (which included, among other goodies, a Drake poster (!)); PLANNING FOR LADIES WEEKEND IN MATTITUCK (which will commence in mere hours!); getting to talk to students about #BlackLivesMatter and having what seemed like a transformative conversation about anger and trauma and race and protest; friend phone calls and texts; listening to the new Waxahatchee record; friends’ happiness; kitten snuggles; having people over for dinner and mindfully and joyfully preparing the meals…


What made you happy this week? Have a great weekend! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. FoodFeud says:

    Oooh, those collard wraps look great!! I always throw the same stuff in mine, chickpea walnut meat sounds fun, and filling. I’ll check that out.
    Interesting article about queer farmers! I went to a zine reading on Wednesday in which my friend read an updated essay from her zine, “Not Queer as in Radical, but Lesbian as in Fuck You!” in which she divulged that when she hears that people are queer, she assumes it is a political thing more than a sexual preference. It looks like the people in the article do identify for the most part as LGBT but the idea of being a “queer farmer” is novel in that usually “farmer” brings to mind either old-style nuclear families a la Little House on the Prairie or something, or big agriculture conservative dairy farmers. It makes me especially happy to see gay people with radical politics because that is not always the case. This is sort of a mess of a response, but maybe you get what I mean.
    Also, I totally, totally agree with the Commodifying Black Death article. Something about the imagery really rubs me the wrong way. Did you hear about the Kenneth Goldsmith uproar (in the poetry world)? He wrote a poem about mike Brown’s autopsy report, ending with a description of his penis. There was a backlash and it all got really nasty. You can read a response here:
    Thanks as always for the edifying links.

    • raechel says:

      I totally get what you mean re: queer farmers and gay people not always having radical politics. I also think of queer as more of a political identity, but it’s a politics that includes sexual fluidity. Even if the person never ends up having sex that isn’t understood as “queer” that person may still practice queer sex ethos (enthusiastic consent, kink, whatever else, even if it’s with a different-gender/sex partner). You know? I dunno, this is a mess too, but I think we’re on the same page?

      Also, holy shit, I hadn’t heard of that poem. That’s…fucked.

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