Friday Five!

I’m not sure how it’s Friday again. This past week was spring break for me. I didn’t do anything wild–mostly just did a little more yoga than usual and made time for pleasure reading. And now here we are on Friday once again, and so here I am again with the Friday Five!

I guess the coolest thing about this spring break is that I’m getting tattooed later today. It’s been over a year, so I’m definitely ready for more ink. This is NOT the tattoo that I will be getting, but I found it while looking for art, and just love it. And so it is now the obligatory FF pre-list image. Fierce femme flash art, for the win!



Meditation Literally Rebuilds Gray Matter

So, I’ve begun a meditation practice; I’ve attempted this before, but this time it’s in earnest and I think it will stick. Although I wish that I wasn’t currently going through such a challenging time, I am grateful it has inspired some really solid self-care practices, meditation included. Anyway, because this is now part of my daily routine, I was especially stoked to stumble upon this Harvard study that explains how meditation can literally rebuild your brain matter. The study “demonstrates that changes in brain structure may underlie some of these reported improvements and that people are not just feeling better because they are spending time relaxing.” What?! I really love with holistic stuff is backed up with science. Very cool.

“Does Being Vegan Really Help Animals?” 

Pretty solid interview on NPR with three vegan activists from the Human Society, Farm Sanctuary, and PETA. The interviewer seems to try to pose “gotchya!” questions, but the interviewees respond with some excellent responses that shut down the skepticism. I especially enjoyed the discussion of veganism and poverty: “If we look at the volume of resources that are expended to produce meat, dairy and eggs, it seems clear that animal products are, in an increasingly crowded world, the fare of the wealthy. And, we can look to some stark examples — the razing of rain forests in Brazil to raise grain for factory farmed chickens in the U.S., and the exporting of grains from Ethiopia during the height of the Ethiopian famine to factory farmers in Europe, for instance — to recognize that reliance on animal-derived foods contributes to inequality.”

Level Up Your Allyship

I always appreciate anything that makes me think about how to be a better ally. Most of us have elements of our identity that are privileged and also elements that are oppressed, but it’s super important that we use our positions of privilege to eradicate oppression rather than entrench it. Shannon Barber generously offers some best practices for those of us who want to do solidarity better.

Cauliflower & Chard Fritters with Spicy [Yogurt] Cilantro Sauce

So, this recipe from My California Roots needs some tweaks to make it fully vegan (and I’d also sub the wheat flour for something gf), but don’t these look delicious and springy?!


Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy 

glow flow sculpt (basically a fitness class rave without drugs), michelle tea’s new book (specifically that the book reveals that michelle didn’t really have her shit together until her late 30s, which is just hugely comforting for me right now), yoga, kitten, melting snow, lady lamb, lip-synching sing alongs to kelly clarkson with friends in public, seeing a preview for this movie (because it looks so bad ass!), vegan taco night at M&G’s, planning for tattoo day, ginger & turmeric carrot soup, meditation, being outside, & peppermint tea.


What made you happy this week? Have a great weekend! xoxox

6 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. lacy j. davis says:

    I seriously cannot WAIT to read michelle tea’s new book.

    I kind of have this theory that a lot of our generation is late to the game of adulthood (especially the punx), but that we arrived at this place for very good reason (a lot of the status quo of adulthood SUCKS! we’re artists and academics and dreamers and witches, so where the fuck are we supposed to work that pays well, supports our hearts, and allows time for our creativity?) Anyway, I am arriving at some version of what-i-wanna-be and im still poor. Does this mean Im not “successful”? Of course not! Hustling a little less/making a little more would be great, but I think its important to accept that the uncertainty of our kinds of jobs lends our lives to a certain something that can also be kind of cool. I know you know this, but I just wanted to say it anyway!

    ANYWAY. you inspire me so much. I love your brain, your openness with your feels, and god damnit I love your style :)


  2. FoodFeud says:

    Happy tattoo day! Will we get to see it? I’ve gotten 2 in the last month, it had been TOO LONG!
    I’m excited to read that michelle tea book too. There’s been so much great, affirming, feminist stuff out recently! It’s hard to keep up, but that’s not really a complaint.
    I read that allyship article too and it really hit home. I was talking to a friend recently about punk guilt and how it really screws with me sometimes, like I’m fighting to be more oppressed or something rather than owning up to and being appreciative of what my privileges are. How twisted is that? So, yea, a very cool article that could stand re-reading. Thanks for sharing.

    • raechel says:

      Tattoo ended up being consultation, so it’s actually happening on Wednesday, and yes I will show pics :)

      Yes, I totally know that punk guilt feeling. There’s actually a really great chapter on that in the Michelle Tea book!

  3. onesonicbite says:

    Hope your tattoo session went well!

    I really liked that NPR interview as well. I never liked this view that poor people eat meat and unhealthy because they can’t afford it. It still boggles my mind that soy milk cost more than dairy milk. How can growing grains, feeding and raising an animal, milking, and transporting be less than growing beans, grinding and transporting?

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