Friday Five!

Hello! I am sick, and majorly busy, and pretty overwhelmed, but I’m going to take advantage of my current state of “not-enough-brain-capacity-to-do-actual-work-but-enough-brain-capacity-to-do-the-Friday Five.” Because there is nothing like the internet to give you a break from your life outside of it. Also, it’s another cheesy motivational poster kind of week for me, sooo:

And now the FF!


How a national food policy could save millions of Americans lives

I really appreciate this article from the Washington Post (written by three famous food warriors) that points out the insanity of the government (or at least the First Lady) promoting healthy eating habits, whilst entrenching the structures that make healthy eating impossible for the majority of Americans. The authors write: “A well-articulated national food policy in the United States would make it much more difficult for Congress to pass bills that fly in its face. The very act of elevating food among the issues the White House addresses would build public support for reforms. And once the government embraces a goal such as “We guarantee the right of every American to eat food that is healthy, green, fair and affordable” — it becomes far more difficult to pass or sign a farm bill that erodes those guarantees.” #church

Fall Veg + Lentil Bowl w/ Goji Ginger Tahini Cream

Just read the name of this recipe again. Now look at the picture. Omg, I really need to make and devour this amazing dish from The First Mess!


First-Ever Walmart Strike!

As may of you know, the labor movement and worker’s rights more generally are things that are very close to my heart/my scholarship/my activism, so I was pretty effing stoked to see this historic news about Walmart workers first-ever strike. Organizers hope the action will raise awareness of their concerns about fair hours and wages in advance of Black Friday. Walmart is known for terrible working conditions and egregious union basting tactics, so it is incredibly awesome that the workers were able to get even this far by organizing OUR Walmart (Organization United for Respect at Walmart), a nonprofit group supported by the United Food and Commercial Workers. Support workers, remember to stay away from stores (especially Walmart!) on Black Friday!


Self Care, In Theory and Practice

This, this THIS. The Hairpin’s Fariah Roisin and Sara Black McCulloch talk to each other about what self-care means, and “the struggles that come when you’ve been socialized to equate an act of self-love with solipsism.” The two women talk about how to practice self-care after bad breakups, while traveling, before sleeping. They write about makeup and selfies and sage and body-hate. Fariah discusses how appreciating other women is part of self care: “I’ve really developed good feelings about other women, and that’s been really cathartic for me. Another woman’s success is a good thing for all of us, and instead of using it against myself—when it has nothing to do with me, I’ve embraced the importance of women’s voices that aren’t mine. Besides, a lot of us are fighting each other when we should be fighting the patriarchy. “ It’s basically all the things, and it’s going to be an ongoing series, so I’m pretty stoked to stay tuned.

Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

yoga; teaching sculpt and having one of my students come up to me after class and say, so sincerely, “you are so strong. you’re really inspiring.” (be still, my heart!); an overdue coffee date with a person i care about very much; speaking my truth; good outfits; the weather—the changing, the growth of the seasons and the reflection it inspires; this video because it reminds me so much of minneapolis and is just the most delightful; phone calls with dear friends; emails with dear friends; knowing how to take care of myself when i get sick and implementing all my get-better tools; seeing my students improve; the good/bad tv that keeps me company on my couch while i’m not feeling well; kitten.


What made you happy this week? xoxo

2 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. lysette says:

    I like the cheesy motivational poster -reminds me of: flow like the river or yield to the wind like the trees. Really enjoyed the self care post on Hairpin found myself checking yes yes and yes to their thoughts particularly Fariah- and the shout out to lucas pawpaw ointment :)
    Hope you feel better soon!

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