Some Things I’ve Been Eating Lately: Rest & Restore Edition!

Hello! As usual, I didn’t end up documenting an entire day of my meals, but I have taken shots of my food over the past few days, and so I’m still able to provide a pretty solid sample of what’s been in my belly of late. I am currently participating in Rest and Restore, a two-week program designed by Lacy Davis from Super Strength Health that encourages participants to slow down and commit to eating a whole foods, plant-based, sugar-free diet.

Because I already eat entirely vegan and almost entirely whole food, it may seem odd that I thought it was worth it to pay to get a meal plan that so closely matches what I already do. But the benefits of doing something like this in a community of other people on the same journey is really powerful, and it’s helping me go the extra mile with my health: for these two weeks, in addition to following this meal plan, I’m cutting out alcohol, cutting out any kind of dessert-y things (no maple syrup, no agave, not even dates), and I am upping my protein intake. These are three areas I slack on majorly–that is, I will often drink just to be social without pausing and deciding if it’s actually serving me; I will often end the night with something sweet (usually “healthy”, but still, it starts to feel addictive, and it’s a cycle I like to take a break from); and I can certainly always use a push to get more protein.

So here is what a some of that has looked like:

My mornings, as usual, have been smoothie-centric. This is an INCREDIBLE turmeric green smoothie, slightly modified from the SuperTasty Anti-Inflamatory Cookbook.


color coordinated nutrition on my drive to work.

I was exploring downtown Boston with Logan while he was in town and we stumbled across an adorable health-food market that happened to have an R&R-approved quinoa veggie soup. It was delicious!


For dinner, I’ve been working on finishing this incredible butternut squash lentil soup, based on this recipe. It was seriously so yummy!


I’ve also snacked on lots of carrots and hummus, apples, and almond butter.

What have you been eating lately? 

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