Friday Five!

Hello! I hope you’ve all been having an excellent week. I’ve been very busy (hence the no new posts), but with mostly very good things. I feel a bit exhausted, but pretty happy. That’s not a bad place to end the week! Here’s a cute sign I saw at a bar I was at last weekend:


[all of you are.]

And here’s the Friday Five!


Miso Maple Sweet Potato Tacos with Coconut-Cilantro Sauce 

This past Tuesday, I had a thought: I haven’t had enough Taco Tuesdays in my life. And so begins my quest to ameliorate that void. I think these sweet potato tacos from the kitchen would be a perfect contender for such an evening, no?


Getting Real About Health and Diet

Gena’s thoughtful reflections never fail to hit me on a profound and lasting level. In her most recent post, she discusses the ways in which “health and wellness” culture frame food as a panacea for literally almost everything. This includes some food-cures-everything folks who insist that “cancer is an idea,” and that anyone who has any health problems has them because of something they are doing wrong. This whole process becomes a neoliberal tool of putting the onus on the individual to “pull themselves up by their [healthy, vegan, free-range, organic] bootstraps” in order to be well. As Gena notes, part of this is just bad science–some illnesses are not directly prevented or treated with food. Additionally, this phenomenon ignores structural issues entirely (not everyone has the resources to eat food for optimal health). It’s a post worth reading, sharing, and remembering (because I know I certainly need to check myself when I start feeling holier than thou about my eating habits).

Freezing Eggs, Privatizing the Work/Family Clash

Speaking of neoliberalism, have you all read about how Apple and Facebook are paying to freeze their female employees eggs? (side note, i wonder if this covers non-female ID’d egg-bearers?). Of course, easing the cost of this expensive procedure is a good thing, but, as Bryce Covert writes, “While most women say they freeze their eggs because they don’t have a partner yet, a quarter does it for professional reasons. It’s a hyper-individualized answer to a collective problem: the fact that both men and women work, but our workplaces don’t allow for a family life.” As someone in a career that consistently tells you to put your job before your personal life, I am pretty empathetic to the heaviness of this issue. What do you think about it?

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cookies

I’m very into the sound (and the delightful look!) of these pumpkin peanut butter cookies. There’s a lot of version of the pumpkin cookies floating around right now, but this one is not only vegan and gluten-free, but also uses stevia as a sweetener. Must try!


Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy 

cats on the internet (like this and this); cats IRL; healthy communication (take that, Mercury); teaching and my smart and chah-ming students; yoga; getting a friend’s CSA because he’s out of town and eating the most delicious and colorful farm-fresh veggies; the kind mechanic who saved me lots of dollars on my car; the best Sunday Funday that involved the HONK activist street band parade, a walk through Harvard Square, and a night of wine and yoga friends; putting up fall/Halloween decorations; admittedly, this First Lady veggie-centric Vine; Halloween costume-planning; friends (far and near) showing up in the best ways (email, calls, real life, texts, everywhere i turned); emoji-heavy texts from momma.


What made you happy this week? xo

6 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. lysette says:

    I definitely believe health and wellness needs a holistic approach, but it does seem like we all want a one stop shop to cure everything; our bodies, our minds, our communities. It is irresponsible to focus on one aspect of the whole. Years back a woman on a book tour promoting raw food stayed at my parents house. She looked at my 17 year old husky who had developed a tumor and blamed me for not feeding my dog a raw food diet. I don’t think raw food helped her cleanse her toxic, mean spirit.
    Daycare daycare daycare! If it’s at the place of employment even better. We’re lucky in Canada there is maternity and paternity leave. Looking at the risks of surgery and the abysmally low likelihood a pregnancy will take after freezing the eggs, it doesn’t even make sense that this is being viewed as a progressive option.
    Always enjoy your thought provoking reading lists – and the happy list makes the “Augh- World – stop being assholes!” soften up :)

    • raechel says:

      Lysette thank you for this wonderful comment! I completely concur that her raw food diet couldn’t cleanse her mean spirit; well said!

      And, YES, day care! That’s such a better solution! You Canadians know what’s up.

      Have a great weekend. : )

  2. FoodFeud says:

    That Cats on OKCupid thing was too funny. Loved especially, “I’m really good at: sneezing in your mouth.” Ha! Glad you had a happy week.
    Please start eating more tacos for the both of us.

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