Friday Five!

Hello! I definitely felt the full moon energy this week, anyone else? It was a long and feelings-y week, and I’m grateful for this upcoming three-day weekend (even though, on Monday, I will not be celebrating Columbus, but rather Indigenous People’s Day)! Here is a picture of the beautiful leaves on my lovely New England campus:


And now four things from the internet plus a list of stuff that made me happy this week!


Chile Spiced Roasted Delicata Squash Rings

Love this simple, beautiful recipe from Tasty Yummies (featured on Free People Blog). It’s seasonal, it’s easy, and has a sure-t0-be-good flavor combination (chile powder, coconut, and squash, yum!).


The Amish Farmer’s Reinventing Organic Agriculture

This interview with two Amish farmer’s caught my attention right away. One of the interviewed farmer’s states:”‘In the Second World War…my ancestors were conscientious objectors because we don’t believe in combat…If you really stop and think about it, though, when we go out spraying our crops with pesticides, that’s really what we’re doing. It’s chemical warfare, bottom line.’” The rest of the interview discusses how organic labeling is a “negative-process certification,” so you can do nothing on the farm and get that label. But for Samuel Zook and John Kempf, they approach farming from an actively non-violent and holistic framework. Cool!

bell hooks and Laverne Cox 

Do I really need to say anything more than just the names of these two really incredible and important women? They talk about how celebrities can embody a decolonizing social justice practice within the confines of a colonizing institution. How to bring social justice theories outside of the academy. How it’s sometimes scary to go around talking about the “imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.” How bell hooks doesn’t much like OITNB (to Cox’s (jovial) horror).They talk about safe space, and loving kindness, and high heels, and courage.  And more. It’s a pretty wonderful hour and a half–put it on in the background while you’re cooking!


10 Ways to Make Affirmations Work Better for You

NPR released a report on the science behind positive affirmations, and in response, Claire Hannam published this helpful list of ten ways to make the positive affirmation process more effective. I used to be *mega* skeptical (okay, downright cynical) about positive affirmations, but now they are a huge (usually daily) part of my life. I don’t think they are a cure-all–(I’m a Marxist, after all, I can’t put all my stock in consciousness)–but I think they help a lot. And I’m going to incorporate Hannam’s tips to make my practice even stronger.

Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

friend dinner dates; friend study dates; dancing my butt off at this show; hosting a dinner party for my colleagues; yoga; getting to talk about deconstructing pop music and hip-hop in my mass comm class; mom phone calls; two fall runs in which I explored different parts of my new ‘hood; acorn squash & pomegranate seeds; roasted carrot hummus gifted from my dear pal; highland kitchen cocktails & midnight playground romps; kitten cuddles.


What made you happy this week? 

3 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. justmeactually says:

    I’m in complete agreement – a long feeling laden week has passed in which I daily had to remind myself the moon and mercury were not making it any easier. Hooray for Indigenous People’s Day!

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