Friday Five!

Thank you all so much for the very kind words on my last post. I honestly feel so much love and good energy, even through our distance and our screens. It means a lot to share that kind of human connection with people. <3

Before the FF, please indulge my desire for inspirational quotes…. it’s just that kind of month year:

note to myself, and to anyone else who needs it. <3

note to myself, and to anyone else who needs it. <3


Butternut Squash Noodles and Toasted Almonds with Pumpkin-Sage Sauce 

More pumpkin, I know, according to the internet it means I’m totally basic. But c’mon, this recipe sounds incredible! I love an excuse to use my spiralizer—it honestly makes eating it super fun! And this flavor combo sounds absolutely delicious!


What the Movement Against Mass Incarceration can Learn from the Struggle for Climate Justice 

I am all about thinking through the connections between social movements, and how we can make our movements for social change that are rooted in radical politics come together under a banner of fighting camptailsm. And that is one of the things that this article (and Naomi Klein’s new book, which is heavily reference) emphasizes. This is a great read for anyone interested in prison abolition movements, environmental justice, and/or economic injustice. After all, “the problems we face are systemic. They are not about changing a few laws or regulating a few bad apple corporations, be they oil companies or private corrections firms. The system has to change from top to bottom.”

Fair Trade Condoms

As a labor scholar and union activist, I like to think that I always try to consider the work that went into making the products I use. But I have honestly never really considered what all goes into making condoms. I love this NPR feature because not only does it reveal the process of making the safer-sex product, but also discusses the surge of fair-trade, eco-friendly, vegan versions. Admittedly, as one historian puts it, “fair trade rubber is still rubber,” and that all these labels might just be marketing. But it seems better than the alternative. And I think it’s always important to use these moments of awareness–whether it’s for marketing or not—to think about the labor behind what we buy.

The Power of Vulnerability

I revisited this Brene Brown TED Talk this week after realizing how much I still struggle with vulnerability. Brown provides so much powerful insight in these 20 minutes. It’s about self-love, it’s about connection, it’s about how we can’t practice deep compassion toward others if we don’t practice deep compassion toward ourselves. Giant lessons. I’m so glad this popped into my brain as something that might be good for me to watch again. I seriously feel like I should watch it once a month.

Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy 

all the love from friends far and near; review day with my students for an upcoming unit quiz, and feeling so proud of them for having learned so much over the past month; yoga; preparing a time-consuming meal with love to share with friends; it really feeling like fall; happy hour with my colleagues; the acorn tree across the street from my house and all the squirrels who collect what it sheds; the smell and sound of candles in my quiet apartment at night; kitten; making new friends over a bonfire; warming a friends house with mason-jar wine and records and laughter; my green polka dot dress; opening my first can of pumpkin of the season….


What made you happy this week? xo

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