Bad Pictures of Good Food: Some things I’ve been eating lately

Hello! In honor of Vegan Month of Food, I’m trying to post a bit more on the blog. Thus, here are some shots of some of the food I’ve been enjoying since I arrived back in Boston. 


My first and most urgent stop when I got back to the city was heading to my yoga studio that I had been missing all summer. I was delighted to discover the clementine-offering Buddha upon my arrival. (And, yeah, hey, if you’re in Boston and are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, ask me about Teacher Training!) 


I headed to Life Alive the first week I was back as well. This restaurant is the hippiest place you can get on the East Coast, which obvs means totally delicious vegan food. This is the Green Goddess, my absolute favorite dish there. 


Here’s a terrible picture of a salad I made. Red kale, cucumbers, lemon juice, nooch, and a bit of EVOO.



Another restaurant stop was True Bistro. It’s my second favorite vegan restaurant in the city, and I shared these potato-kale cakes with my dear friend Michael!


img_5626I always consume tons of green tea while I work. This was at a coffee shop called Tamper. 


And this was a version of my go-to miso soup that I make when I need to feel good health-wise or emotion-wise. I had just had a pretty rough day, so I took back-to-back yoga classes at my studio and came home to make a dinner that would re-hydrate me, provide me awesome nutritents, and also feel comforting. Miso cauliflower kale soup was born. (So easy to make, too. Just heat up cauliflower in a pot of water, then add in the kale, squeeze in some lemon juice, stir in some miso, and sprinkle a dash of red pepper. Voila). 


What have you been eating lately? 

8 thoughts on “Bad Pictures of Good Food: Some things I’ve been eating lately

  1. lacy j. davis says:

    back to back yoga? DAMN. Yoga frustrates the shit out of me (and i love it, too- its a weird thing) and usually if i survive one i feel like a champion.

    You’re so cool. I just wanna say that.

    • raechel says:

      I think you would really like Corepower! You should try it out sometime (I know we have studios near you)! It’s gross in terms of it’s corporate-ness, but there are yoga classes that feel like awesome workouts, and the amount you sweat feels super detoxifying. It’s kind of geared toward Type-A workout people. BUT they have a Hot Power Fusion class that is more about just stretching and sweating than the flow classes. Plus, you’d have fun with yoga sculpt, I think. : ) It’s light dumbbells, rather than heavy, but it’s a super good time and usually rad music (depending on the teacher). My dream would be to co-teach a sculpt class with you, hahah. : )

  2. FoodFeud says:

    I’ve never thought to add lemon to miso soup but I like the sound of that a lot.
    Was also thinking today how long it’s been since I’ve had kale salad! That has to change!

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