Bread SRSLY Review (+Discount Code!)

I am so very excited to bring you this review of the San Francisco-based company, Bread SRSLY. I first heard about this first ever gluten-free bread company from Lacy and was eager to sample their product. It’s a pretty big treat to find a bread that is both vegan and gluten-free, and after I made my order I spent my days day dreaming of all the bread-based things I could finally make again. Sandwiches. Avocado toast. Appetizer bread and dipping oils. I was getting stoked.

(all images courtesy of Bread SRSLY)

I ordered a four pack with two classic sourdough loaves and two kale sourdough loaves (yes, you read that right!). The company ships orders on Tuesday, and I ordered on a Thursday, so I knew it would be a bit before they arrived, but once I got my confirmation email that they shipped, the bread arrived just two days later! I was really impressed with that, especially since, when it comes to bread, the fresher the better.

The loaves arrived in adorable brown paper bags and also with a little information card from the company. It provided good tips for eating and storing, including that if you want to freeze your bread you should slice it before doing so. I appreciated that when I ended up putting two loaves in the freezer!

I enjoyed everything I had been craving: A delicious veggie and greens sandwich on toasted kale slices. Avocado toast on a classic slice (many times over). And I tore up the loaves into bite size pieces to share with friends over homemade kale pesto and hummus.

The bread is truly delicious. It’s a little gummy, but, to me, that felt very characteristic of sourdough and didn’t bother me at all. The outside of the bread crisps up perfectly in the toaster, but it’s also delicious to eat without toasting.


photo by Bread SRSLY


For someone who can’t eat much bread, it was such a pleasure to enjoy so many fun dishes that usually upset my stomach. Unlike when I eat traditional bread, I didn’t have any bloating or discomfort. This is probably thanks to the fact that they use so few ingredients. The loaves are made with: Organic White Rice Flour, Millet Flour, Sorghum Flour, Arrowroot, Sourdough Starter (Water, Sorghum Flour), Xanthan Gum, Salt.

Check that out. No sugars of any kind. Organic ingredients. And not too many of ’em. (Not even Food For Life–my go-to GF bread when I’m really craving it–can boast such a minimal ingredient list.)

I also adore the story behind the company. Sadie, the founder, really started this as a way to win the heart of a boy. (Spoiler alert: It worked!). Of course, Sadie was also invested in finding ways to feed gluten-intolerant people, but it sure was convenient that the apple of her eye had just gone gluten-free! You can read more of that charming tale here.


Sadie! (photo: Molly DeCourdreaux)

I also had the pleasure of corresponding with Sadie through email, and the customer service was exceptional. I got quick and friendly personal replies to my emails and an official notice when my delivery had shipped.

I highly recommend this bread to anyone who wants to have the pleasure of enjoying a slice of bread or two, but who doesn’t want to deal with the after effects of gluten. It tastes good. It’s made of simple ingredients I can pronounce. The customer service is stellar. And it was FUN to enjoy something I so rarely eat!

Lucky for us, Bread SRSLY has offered a discount code to Rebel Grrrl Living readers. If you want to make an order, go here and at check out enter “rebelgrrrl” in the code box. This offer is good until September 30th, so make sure to use it before then! 

Now that it’s getting to be fall, I plan to thaw some of the bread I have waiting in the freezer to make some delicious pumpkin french toast. Who’s with me?

photo by Bread SRSLY

photo by Bread SRSLY


*Note: I received a discount on my order, but was not compensated and all opinions in this review are completely my own. 

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