Friday Five!

Well, the world is still a troubled place, but I’m back with the Friday Five, hoping to accentuate some of the positive. I’m starting off with an image that I first discovered on a patch that I bought at some rally I went to back in college. I DIY-stitched that sucker right onto my school bag, (and my old band even wrote a song using only these words as lyrics! It was a jam, for real, tho). It spoke to me then and it speaks to me now. Times are tough, but the people are resilient. Keep fighting, keep loving. <3



Kale and Fig Salad 

I love seasonal eating, and so I obviously appreciate a good transition recipe. Lately I’ve wanted to make things that scream, “Late summer/Early fall.” Figs represent this for me. Peak season for figs starts in early summer, then it wanes, then it picks back up again in late summer and early fall. I love the idea of creating a salad with the addition of the sweet figs, and this recipe from In the Kitchen with Amy Jo sounds perfect!


Food Consumption Does Not Equal Hours of Exercise

This article dispels the really harmful myth that is perpetuated by so many “click bait-y” health sites: the idea that, for example, “one slice of cheesecake equals 4 1/2 hours of aerobics.” L.V. Anderson uses science to explain why this false equation is totally illogical (how hard are you pushing during those 4 1/2 hours? don’t we burn more calories when we’re *not* exercising? doesn’t the calorie burning-potential of exercise vary depending on height, weight, age, etc.?). Additionally, I think breaking this myth is hugely important to helping people who struggle with over-exercise, a common symptom of eating disorders. I have absolutely fallen into this trap. I would “make up” for something I ate by spending more time at the gym. This hurt my body and taught me to view exercise as punishment. I think busting this stupid rhetoric about burning off “bad” food with outrageous amounts of exercise would help a lot of us get past this silly and potentially harmful notion.

Rust Belt Riders Harvest Food from Waste

Rust Belt Riders is a bad-ass organization that aims to “divert food waste sustainably through a bicycle pickup service and use it to grow food directly within the Cleveland community.” Their clients include community and market gardens, residential homes, and businesses, where they go to pick up waste and combat a growing problem. “Compostable materials make up one fourth of all landfills and are the highest producer of pathogens in all landfills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average U.S. household throws away 474 lbs of food waste each year. That means Cleveland throws away approximately 1.8 billion lbs. of food scraps each year.”

Rust Belt Riders.

Rust Belt Riders.

This organization is obviously super awesome, but it’s especially cool because CLEVELAND! (my hometown!), and because I went to school with Dan Brown, one of the founders! Yay Dan, Yay Cleveland, Yay bikes, Yay environmentalism!

Attaining Goals Through Nurturing Environments

I really love the approach in this Greatist article. Basically, the author, Michael Rizk, discusses how creating a positive, nourishing, nurturing environment for yourself is the key to obtaining goals. He contextualizes it through the example of wanting to lose weight, but notes that this could applied to any goal. He states: “Your environment—all the facets of your life that impact your ability to achieve and sustain your goals and to live the life you deserve and desire—is built around four core areas: movement, nourishment, recovery, and belief.” He then asks the reader to answer a series of questions in each category to determine how well we are creating a foundation for positive results (whatever that may look like for us). It’s kind of obvious stuff, but always good to have a nifty breakdown and explicit reminder that we can’t accomplish goals without taking care of ourselves in holistic ways.

Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy 

cats (always)

strong communities of women

syllabus planning

back to school anticipation


farm-fresh cucumbers

local vegan, gf tamales

reading this book

a back to school shopping trip at the outlet malls

 the new t.swift song  (i know, i know)

friend phone calls

making my new Sculpt playlist


What made you happy this week? 

6 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. angela says:

    I just picked up Wild at the library. Thanks for your suggestion! Can’t wait to start it. Ooh, did you get Pilar’s tamales? Soso good.
    That salad looks delicious.
    Really interested in reading some of these articles, especially the Greatist one (read the food consumption/exercise one already). I think info like this can only help me better counsel ppl on nutrition since it is so much more than just handing someone a meal plan and advice.

    This week I was glad to see you before you’re back in Boston and I’m really happy we could connect & spend some time together this summer. Safe travels, friend! xo

    • raechel says:

      I’m so glad I got to meet you and spend time with you too! Let’s definitely stay in touch.

      I can’t wait to hear what you think of Wild! Let’s discuss when you’re done. : )

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