Friday Five!

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for things from the internet that caught my eye/brain, and a little gratitude list. First though, this:


Feminist Hurt/Feminism Hurts 

The brilliant and thoughtful academic, Sara Ahmed, wrote a beautiful blog post about the ways in which we carry our memories in the form of a temporal embodied hurt. She describes how these memories are often the root of many women’s foray into feminism. We go to feminism because we have been hurt by the structures of patriarchy, manifested through interpersonal interactions within a patriarchal society that inspires fear, discomfort, and violence. She writes, “Feminist work is often memory work. We work to remember what sometimes we wish would or could just recede….It is not that memory work is necessarily about recalling what has been forgotten: rather we gather memories like things, so they become more than half-glimpsed. We bring things into view. Feminist work is often about timing: sometimes we were too fragile to do this work; we would risk being shattered.” It’s a long piece, and it’s definitely written for an academic and/or theory-geek audience, but I recommend it to anyone who can relate to carrying the past in your body.

Peach Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Lemon Cornbread Cookies 

I love the sound of The Edible Perspective’s boozy dairy-free, gluten-free, refined-sugar free ice cream sandwiches. The flavors are some of my favorites, and all combined together seems like it would taste like a dream! I think these would make for nice dinner party desserts!


 White Liberal Food Police

Okay, so this article is trying to argue that white liberals who are up in arms about the treatment of animals and GMOs (etc.) are always already classist and racist and imperialist. Now, as  Leftist (not a liberal), I am happy to call out the awfulness of much of what “White Liberalism” represents.  So, I’m not upset that they want to attack this particular demographic. However, I think it’s really unfair and misguided to suggest that people who are concerned about how pigs are treated on farms would not care about the workers in the restaurant who served them. In fact, whole swaths of the Left and progressive activism and non-profits are devoted to both of those issues, sometimes at the same time. (Take Real Food Real Jobs, for example). And it’s also fucked up to presume that people who care about animals and GMOs are always already white.

This was also just reflected in an awesome article on Grist, in which Brentin Mock tackles the logic of a recently released report on the state of diversity in the environmental movement. He writes, “Too many believe the poor are too occupied with being poor, or black people are too occupied with being black to be occupied in green organizations.” Au contraire. Rather, “A significant number of talented ethnic minorities are willing and able to work in environmental organizations, but discriminatory hiring practices prevent them from obtaining jobs in such organizations.” YES. Okay, I think I may need to do a whole post on this, so I’ll stop now. Just read the articles and tell me what you think? ::end rant::

Extend the Life of Your Veggies

I appreciate any tips that will help me preserve veggies. Whether you have a CSA or go a little overboard at the farmer’s market, I feel like it’s common for veggies to go bad in your fridge in the summer. Read this Take Part article for ideas on how to prevent waste!


Stuff From the Week That Made Me Happy 

animal cuddles

movie nights with friends

home cooked meals with farm fresh veggies


catching up with long-distance friends

the arrival of august (which brings us all the closer to fall!)

cool weather walks

Confused Cats Against Feminism” (lol!)


celebrating my late grandmother’s birthday with rummy & white wine (her favorites)

What made you happy this week? xox

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