“Some Things I Have Been Eating Lately” Wednesday

I know, I know, ‘”Some Things I Have Been Eating Lately” Wednesday’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “What I Ate Wednesday,” but honestly, I just never remember to take pics of every meal on one particular day. So, in lieu of that, here is a (poorly lit, poorly shot) smattering of some of my more recent eats.

photo 1

Always lots of green juice and green smoothies. This is a recipe from The China Study All Star Collection that includes frozen grapes, banana, water, spinach, lemon and lime. So refreshing!

photo 4

Protein Granola a la Lacy Davis/Super Strength Health!

photo 2

Fresh CSA roasted veggies on greens with some dollops of tahini and avocado.

photo 5

Gena’s Carrot Falafel from her new (amazing!) cookbook.

What have you been eating lately? 

6 thoughts on ““Some Things I Have Been Eating Lately” Wednesday

  1. lacy j. davis says:

    I have to make such a bizzarely concerted effort to remember to shoot on weeks I want to post What I Ate Wednesdays! I set alarms, write it in my paper calendar, and ask my roommates to remind me………I am now wondering if it’s worth it, considering this works just as well!

    I want to cook with you.

  2. The vegan 8 says:

    That all looks delicious, especially that salad with tahini and avocado…two of my favorite things! I’ve been eating tons of beans and sweet potatoes and I never get sick of them 😊

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