Friday Five!

Happy Friday! I’m spending today doing a bunch of prep for my uncle’s 60th birthday party, so I get to be in the kitchen making vegan food that will convince a party full of non-vegans that vegan food is excellent. :)


Enjoy the Friday Five and have a great weekend!


Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini-Cilantro Vinaigrette

Yum! This roasted cauliflower dish from Blissful Basil sounds so delicious. I love tahini and I love cilantro, so I’m definitely going to make this!


Free Lunches in Public Schools

Boston and Chicago have joined the list of cities that are taking part in a federal initiative to serve free lunches in all public schools. No paperwork, no “proving” you are “poor enough,” just free lunches for all. That is my kind of program. Read about Chicago here and Boston here.

Raw Zucchini Noodles with Lemony Avocado Pesto

I haven’t used my zucchini spiralizer in far too long and this recipe from The Spicy RD seems like just the thing to make to bring it back. What a delightful summer dish!


Prince Fielder ESPN Body Issue Cover

There is a lot of interesting stuff happening on this year’s cover of the ESPN Body Issue. Prince Fielder, a 275-pound Black male baseball player, poses nude on this year’s issue, demonstrating, what this article suggests, that, “[a]thletes’ bodies, just like those of us mere mortals, come in all shapes and sizes, and they can all be magnificent in their own ways.” So much to say about gender, race, and body image. I’d love to hear thoughts on this cover in the comments!


Stuff From the Week That Made Me Happy

Family time

Finally seeing “Obvious Child” (so good!)

Curing a summer cold in two days flat with awesome natural remedies

Bike rides and walks


A delicious vegan burrito

Finding a perfect pair of heels at 50% off

Self-care (in the form of a mother/daughter mani-pedi)


What made you happy this week? What do you think about the ESPN cover? What’s your favorite thing to make for a party attended by mostly non-vegans? 


6 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. lacy j. davis says:

    Love this list! I am in a coffee shop right now drinking a soy au lait, and blogging. WHY AREN’T YOU HERE?! someday soon we must party. (and by party i mean be relatively relaxed together.)

  2. Frugal Vegan Mom says:

    I struggle with what to feed non-vegans… usually I resort to bringing homemade hummus, because it’s cheap, easy, and people love it. I’ve also had special requests from non-vegans for my chickpea salad pinwheels (salad based on this recipe: then rolled up in tortillas and cut) which are awesome for parties because it’s pretty finger food… a little time consuming though!
    Today I made this smoky sweet potato & black bean salad by Dreena Burton for a neighbor who just had a baby, which is on my “tried and true” list of recipes:

    Would love to hear some of your go to potluck recipes!

    • raechel says:

      Hummus is always a great go-to, I agree. We ended up doing a quinoa salad and it was a big hit. Maybe I’ll do a potluck-focused post! That chickpea salad looks great!

  3. FoodFeud says:

    I love, love, love, love the Prince Fielder cover for a ton of reasons, not least because I think he looks great.
    So does that zucchini-pesto dish! Enjoy yr weekend.

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