Friday Five!

Hello, and happy Friday! For those of you in the US, you know today is the day we are supposed to celebrate the birth of our country and freedom and patriotism and stuff. But if you ask me, “patriotism is the last resort of scoundrels.” That said, you also know that I am always up for holidays that give me an excuse to make theme-appropriate food and wear campy outfits. This year is no different, and I’m excited to be co-hosting a party that combines both critical attention to the problems of US imperialism, injustice, and blind patriotism with all things red, white, and blue. : )

Here is some real talk from Frederick Douglass:


However you feel about the 4th, I hope you have a great weekend and that you’ll enjoy these four things from the internet plus one list of things that made me happy this week. <3


Carol Rossetti 

True story: scrolling through these images by graphic designer Carol Rossetti brought me to tears smack dab in the middle of a coffee shop.  They are lovely images with seemingly simple messages. “Do you,” more or less. But “doing you” is pretty fucking difficult if you are a woman in our world—and even more difficult if you are a woman of color, a fat woman, a disabled woman, a transgender woman (all of which Rossetti’s images address), and so seeing the affirmations projected in her art felt pretty powerful. See 18 rad images here.


 Anti-Violence Yoga Program in Englewood

I have a lot of feelings about this new yoga initiative in Englewood, a neighborhood in Chicago that is host to disproportionate crime and violence.  It hits close to home because Chicago is one of my former homes, and because I have experience teaching yoga to the same demographic they are trying to target (when I taught classes in the jail).  I love the idea of using yoga as a way to combat violence in underserved communities, but I just hope no one actually thinks that Sun Salutations are a panacea for the structural inequalities that are the actual cause of street and gang violence. I’m super glad that this program exists, but it needs to be in addition to, not in place of, the fight against racism and economic injustice.

Tameka Lawson

 Lemon Ginger Veggie Stir Fry

This stir fry from two peas & their pod sounds absolutely lovely. I love pea pods and asparagus, and to have those in two of my favorite flavors–lemon and ginger–on a bed of quinoa? So perfect.


Eden Foods Pulls a Hobby Lobby

So, I buy this bean brand a lot. They are organic, no GMOs, and BPA-free. But turns out Eden Foods pulled a Hobby Lobby and filed a law suit saying their religious freedom was being violated because the Affordable Care Act includes birth control in employee health coverage. I think this might finally get me to start soaking my own beans. #smdh.

Things from the Week that Made Me Happy

bike rides


the other side of a stressful situation

animal love

working on exciting non-academic projects

work days

dinner, drinks, and game nights with friends (Chicago friends! Ann Arbor friends! Minneapolis friends! So many friends this week!)

new cookbooks

party planning and prepping

this video (srsly, watch it!)

all the people getting pissed off and figuring out ways to organize and fight back against the two recent effed up Supreme Court rulings



What made you happy this week?


4 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. lacy j. davis says:

    “I just hope no one actually thinks that Sun Salutations are a panacea for the structural inequalities” YES. couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Love these links as usual and HOLY HELL do I wish I could come to your party!

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