Friday Five!

Happy Friday! And happy Pride for anyone who lives in a city that is celebrating queers this week! I am back in Minneapolis for a long weekend to celebrate with some of my favorite gays in the country. I’m looking forward to a weekend of dancing, laughing, and femme-ing it up with old friends. <3

In honor of Pride, here is a unicorn on roller-skates.


And now, four things from the internet plus a list of stuff that made me happy this week.


Twin Cities Veg Fest Fundraiser

Speaking of being in the TCs, consider supporting Veg Fest, an amazing event that is organized in an effort to promote a compassionate vegan lifestyle. The organizers of the event, Compassionate Action for Animals, is a wonderful group doing great work to end the suffering experienced by animals every day. When I lived in Minneapolis, I did cooking classes for them, and always had a ton of fun at Veg Fest. Help out their fundraising campaign, and, if you’re in the area, attend the event in September!

DIY Electrolyte Replacement Drink

There was a period in my life–even after I was vegan–when I ate processed and chemical-laden food without batting an eye. One of my favorite chemical elixirs was Vitamin Water, which I would suck up after long runs in an effort to replace electrolytes. I even bought the “low-cal” version (re: “more chemicals”). Fortunately, I gave that up and am happy with plain old water. Once in a while though—often after particularly sweaty workouts–I feel like I need a bit more replenishment. I was delighted to find this DIY recipe for an electrolyte drink made with watermelon! What a delicious and refreshing summer drink. (Also,this blogger is a friend of a friend and a MN person, so maybe peek around the rest of her site because it seems like she is good people. :) )


 “Gay Pride is For White People”

This article is a good intersectionality 101 for anyone who hears gay and thinks of “a sea of sex shops, rainbows, and skinny dancing white men.” Gay (and queer, more explicitly) isn’t inherently about corporations sponsoring floats to uphold capitalism and white supremacy, but Pride parades are often complicit in that exact project. I feel lucky to be in Minneapolis where there are lots of alternative-to-Pride queer marches and events, and to be doing it with a group of people who think critically about the ways in which race, class, gender presentation, ableism, and citizenship impact our sexuality (and how we express it and occupy space).

Black Eyed Peas Miso-Hemp Dip

Summer is a great time for dips. They are so easy to bring to outdoor parties, are great with fresh summer veggies, and you don’t have to turn on the oven to make them. I love the sound of Sara’s black eyed pea dip!


Stuff From My Week That Made Me Happy

Connecting with Minneapolis friends

Pride-related festivities

All the dogs and cats I’ve been able to spend time with the past week

Having a workday at my favorite Mpls coffee shop

Progress on academic projects

Al fresco dining

Patio swings

Queer energy

When my friends get good news and are successful in their endeavors

What made you happy this week? Are you doing anything Pride-related? 

5 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. FoodFeud says:

    Happy Pride Raechel! Thanks for sharing that article. I’m not sure that I agree entirely with it, but maybe that’s because I’m in New York and the pride parade is huuuuuge and has so many queer people of color, and floats for just about every queer subculture one could think of.
    I find that it’s less that the queer community is not recognizing queer POCs, or disabled queers, or transpeople but that they aren’t represented in popular culture, thus rendering them invisible to straight people, or dangerous to cops or whoever, or feeling marginalized within what ought to be their own community.
    Then again, I am not trans or a person of color, so I could be totally misinterpreting things. I know that my group of queers has always had many different kinds of us! Queer is an identity with so many possibilities that I really hope the stereotype of gay white (affluent) cis-men GOES AWAY.
    In any case, I am not celebrating this year. I rarely do anymore: I work on Saturdays, which is when Dyke march is (and I would much prefer that celebration) and the parade on Sunday is always HUGE and crazy and overwhelming, I’ve done it enough in the past. maybe I will just listen to some rad queer dance tunes and eat a doughnut.
    Enjoy yr celebration!

    • raechel says:

      Thank you for engaging with this, friend. I agree that it is a problem of representation in pop culture (something I write and teach about in my real-life job!), and would agree that the *queer* community does recognize marginalized members, but the mainstream LGBT community is not so hot at it. Just look at where funding goes for mainstream LGBT organizations: marriage. Who is left out of marriage? Immigrants, “deviant” queers who don’t want to get married, etc. And what issues are not given funding by mainstream LGBT organizations? Violence against trans people (particularly trans women of color), incarceration of queers of color, homelessness of queer youth, etc.

      I can imagine NYC pride is one of the best in the country and that the amazing queer orgs and groups that exist there make sure the parade is inclusive. But I think the fact that Dyke March or a Trans march have to exist is because they know that the main parade is promoting a very different kind of politics (if you can even call it politics…which I wouldn’t with a lot of the “Gay Pride, Inc.” kind of stuff that is real).

      But I love talking/thinking/writing about this stuff. Hopefully we can have a real-life hang someday and figure out how to overthrow the cis-het-patriarchy. ; )

      • FoodFeud says:

        Noted! I hope we can hang out someday too!
        (As it turns out, I ended up going out that night with Jess Scone’s wife – we planned to hit a queer bar and then a queer dance party but just ended up drinking and talking! But it was nice to be out and about among people.)

  2. Amy K says:

    Hey Raechel! Thanks for the link to my DIY summertime concoction! I hope you’re having a great pride and enjoying today’s sunshine so much that you need some watermelon drink ASAP! :)

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