Friday Five!

Happy Friday! Here’s an exciting realization: when I typed “Happy Friday!,” I meant it in my bones. I’m really happy. There’s some stressful stuff happening–(East Coast, why you gotta be so expensive? Academia, why you gotta be so precarious? Moving, why you gotta be so dreadful?)–but I’m breathing (and tapping) through it, and feeling oh so great. Yay!


.scenes from yesterday’s morning run. somerville. 2014.

The internet was full of it this week. Made my brain work and my heart feel. Here are some things that I enjoyed, plus some stuff from my week that contributed to my general life happiness. Enjoy!


Cooking for Yourself: You are worth the effort

I love love love this post from The Fat Nutritionist about putting in the effort to cook for yourself, even if no one else is going to eat with you. I struggled with this a lot this year. After spending 2 years living with and cooking alongside my ex, it was really hard to find motivation to do anything more than throw kale and heated frozen veggies in a bowl and call it dinner. I definitely had less variety in my diet since living alone it also triggered some bad, restrictive tendencies. I’m going to bookmark this article and return to it when I feel like it’s not worth it to put in time and care and love to cook a meal “just” for me.

15 Things Not to Say to Someone with a Chronic or Invisible Illness 

The title speaks for itself. I have friends with chronic and/or invisible illnesses, so I’ve been able to learn firsthand how brutal daily life can be, and how effed up people can be in response to their challenges. If you don’t suffer from a chronic or invisible illness, please read this piece and educate yourself about how to be a better friend to those around you who do.

a thing that is real for a lot of folks.

a thing that is real for a lot of folks.

 Soylent, Neoliberalism, and the Politics of Life Hacking

Okay, so this might be one for the more academic (and/or Marxist) crowd, but I am super fascinated by the ideas in this Jeff Sparrow piece (which is a critical response to an article originally posted in the New Yorker). So soylent is this powder created by a guy named Rob Reinhart, who found food to be too time-consuming for his busy Silicon Valley lifestyle. With his background as an engineer, he created a powder that provides complete nutrients. But don’t confuse this with protein powder for smoothies, Reinhart markets soylent as a replacement for all your meals, all the time, forever.  Sparrow’s astute critique uses Marxist theory to describe the ways in which the whole life hacking culture upholds neoliberalism and wrecks the potential for more generative (and socially transformative) uses of working class creativity. The whole concept brings up fascinating questions about food, pleasure, class, work, capitalism, and nutrition.

Virtual Reality for Chickens

A professor named Austin Stewart has created a technology that would allow chickens in small cages to experience the life of a free-range chicken via an Oculus Rift-like program. It seems Stewart has good intentions, but this feels awful to me. It seems like a way to allow factory farms to get away with even more egregious conditions if they agree to let the chickens have some virtual escape time. But maybe it’s better than the alternative (until we abolish factory farms)? I don’t know, what do you think about it?

a glimpse at what the virtual world would look like.

a glimpse at what the virtual world would look like.

Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

teaching yoga

taking yoga

game night with colleagues

cooking dinner for friends

fancy advanced movie screenings with a dear friend

healing practices

biking and riding the train

being on the radio again and getting to be in the actual NPR studio!

friend phone calls

summer daydreams

outdoor runs



What do you think of virtual chicken cages? Do you have trouble cooking interesting meals when it’s “just” you? Most importantly, what made you happy this week? 

6 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. lacy j davis says:

    ugh. the chicken cages. it seems so obvious that this is just a sad approximation! and seemingly, an expensive solution. if you want to spend money to make chickens more happy, well DONT FACTORY FARM. geez louise.

    proud of you and your radio accomplishments! and I am verrrrry curious about tapping. you should write a post about it!

  2. FoodFeud says:

    So glad to hear happiness is coming to you.
    Loved the article about cooking for yrself. It is really important!The oculus rift chicken thing sounds pretty bizarre and pointless though. I dunno, maybe it’s a step in the right direction.
    I would also like to hear more about tapping!
    Have a good week, Raechel.

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