Friday Five!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been kind of a week. When I finished grading, I was inundated with all the life-stuff I had been shelving for a while. I think I had been using being really busy at work as a way to justify ignoring certain things, and when I didn’t have non-stop grading as an excuse, I got hit with all of it pretty hard. But the cool thing is that I’ve been really aware of all the things I’m doing that make me feel taken care of and all the things I’m doing that exacerbate the stress. I feel very in tune with all my actions and I think that in itself is a victory.

To kick off the Friday Five, here’s a picture of a gal with some good advice!



And now, four things from the internet and a list of things that made me happy this week!


How to Set Boundaries

This article from MindBodyGreen really hit home for me. The author starts off talking about the boundaries she needed to set during her divorce, and I definitely related to the need to set boundaries at the end of relationships (as hard as it may be). She provides a useful worksheet to help people set boundaries in a variety of settings. She frames boundary-setting as a form of self-love. I highly recommend bookmarking this article for a time you might need it in your work life or your personal life.

Ginger Tea

This is such a simple recipe, but this post inspires me to keep a jar of this magical elixir handy as a form of preventative medicine. I also love that she offers a PDF print-out of these cute Ginger Tea labels! Knuckle Salad was a new blog discovery for me, and I’ll definitely be returning!


KLIT Collective Needs Your Help!

So a friend (and former student!) of mine is part of this amazing collective called KLIT: A Queer Feminist Community Safe Space in Budapest. They do amazing work, including screen films, conduct workshops, run an infoshop, a free shop, share knowledge and skills on DIY activities, hold assemblies, host activists in need, organize and participate in demonstrations. Unfortunately, the current climate isn’t great for radical organizing, and they are having trouble staying afloat. Any small donation toward their projects would be greatly appreciated! Read more here (then click the Donate button on the right side of the page!). 

For Real-Local Brews

My handsome bearded mountain-man friend, Todd Boera, is the co-owner and brewer of Fonta Flora Brewery in Morganton, NC. Todd is an amazing person with a heart of gold and, as this article explains, a firm commitment to staying local. I really appreciate the local ethic Todd espouses–staying local supports the community of which the brewery is a part, cuts down on his carbon footprint, and inspires innovation (check out the part about kiwis!). Yay Todd!


Stuff From the Week That Made Me Happy


new music

kale salads

the Mr. Little Jeans show

warm weather

finishing grading and all touching emails from students

rituals & observations


this comic (cute, and actually pretty poignant)

walking, biking, and taking the train

this delightful video of an EMT voguing



 What made you happy this week? xoox

6 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. mnfitnessguru says:

    Loved the article on MindBodyGreen! Bonus: I got distracted on the site reading three or four other great posts. It will definitely be a regular check-in to get my wellness fix.

  2. Natalia says:

    I totally get using work as a distraction from Other Stuff. Sounds like you’re dealing with it well though, just by knowing that’s the case – hope next week is a little easier! Loved reading about Todd – cool dude :)

    Ps unrelated to anything, but thought I’d share: some time ago I commented in a post of yours that included a pic of you and your tattoos, saying I loved them but was too anxious about getting one because “what if I change my mind”. And you wrote that you loved the tattoos you got regardless because they reminded you of who you were at different stages of your life, or words to that effect. And that really stuck with me and I have since had 2 tattoos done, and am having a 3rd designed and I LOVE them! So thank you – your words gave me the push I needed :) (I’m now also friends with my tattoo artist, an awesome vegan gal!).

    • raechel says:

      Natalia, that makes me SO happy to know I could inspire body ink! I love my tattoos so much, and continue to adore how much they remind me of important parts of my past. Also, my cousin got a tattoo on her arm that says: “Everything leaves a mark.” I *love* that sentiment–whether it’s an internal or an external scar, we are covered in our past; why not look super cool while documenting it?

  3. lacy j davis says:

    I am sure I am about to have a similar experience when I finish my final grading. I remember being in high school and hating it SO MUCH and then finishing my final day (I dropped out after my Sophomore year) and just balling my eyes out, for reasons unknown. Victory? Exhaustion? Relief? Actual sadness to be leaving even though it was all I could think of?

    It would be really great to not still re-living that in my 30’s but………………..

    (life is so weird.)

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