Millet, Almond Butter & Cacao Nib Cookies (sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan)



On any given day, there is about a 90% chance that I will want a chocolate chip cookie. I just love them so much. I’m not so chocolate-crazy that I crave brownies or double-chocolate chip cookies, and I almost never ever eat chocolate (vegan) ice cream. But a little bit of chocolate nestled in a fluffy or crunchy or chewy cookie? Yes please.

I try to make variations of this flavor combination in as healthy ways as possible so that I can indulge my craving and not totally upset my tummy. This might be my healthiest version yet. The ingredients include no sugar. Not just no “refined-sugar,” but no actual sugar of any kind. The only sugar substitute is stevia, and the only grams of sugar can be found in the banana. (Oh, and if you use sweetened cacao nibs, you will have the cane juice, but you can use unsweetened, and they will be legit sugar-free!)


almond butter, caco nibs, baking soda, vanilla, millet, salt, stevia, banana. c’est tout.

All you need to do is blend all the ingredients in a food processor until you have a smooth batter. So simple.



Millet, Almond Butter & Cacao Nib Cookies

1/2 c almond butter

1 c millet, cooked

1 t vanilla

3/4 t baking soda

1/2 t salt

1/2 packet stevia, optional

1 very ripe banana

2 heaping T cacao nibs 

Blend ingredients (minus nibs) in food processor. Add the nibs and pulse. Spoon heaping tablespoons of batter onto a lined or greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 for 8 minutes, or until sufficiently browned.


So, two things about this cookie:

1. I loved them, but they taste healthy. They are not very sweet and they have a bread-ish quality to them. If you want to make them a little more traditionally tasty, feel free to add some maple syrup or sweetener of your choice.

2. The fact that this post required me to write the word “nibs” over and over made me realize what a weird word that is. Nibs. Doesn’t it sound kind of raunchy? When I was writing the instructions and wrote the line, “Add the nibs and pulse,” I actually had a moment of pause, and thought, “Oh my, can I write that on the blog?” It just sounds so naughty!

Do you love chocolate chip cookies? Don’t you think the word “nibs” is kind of dirty? 

10 thoughts on “Millet, Almond Butter & Cacao Nib Cookies (sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan)

  1. Lacy davis says:

    These are so totally up my ally and you are hilarious with your nibs! To test your theory I asked my high school students. They definitely agreed it is a dirty word.

  2. Christy@SweetandSavoring says:

    I laughed when you talked about the nibs (and just misspelled that as ‘nubs’! also made me laugh)! Choc chip cookies for me are the same- I just made a batch of coconut chocolate chips and was proud of myself for eating just one at a time, two a day ;)

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