Vegan Eats in NYC!

Happy Wednesday! As I mentioned last week, I was in NYC this weekend celebrating my mom’s birthday. We had an amazing time, saw two incredible Broadway shows (Hedwig and Beautiful), and ate a ton of delicious vegan food.

On Saturday, we had dinner at Caravan of Dreams. It was so good, but I was so hungry that night, I didn’t even pause to take a picture of my plate. But I had a delicious sprouted almond zataar hummus and the most epic salad!

Sunday morning we had brunch at Pure Food and Wine. The dishes were incredible. We almost tired one of everything on the menu: the parfait, the grits, and the quiche (not pictured). Everything was unreal delicious, and it has the best aesthetic (especially the dreamy outdoor patio!).



Sunday night we met up with my cousins who took us to an omnivore restaurant called Josies that was very vegan-friendly. I had a huge veggie plate with squash, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, and rice. Yum.

Monday morning we had our last meal together at Candle 79. I had been there before for dinner, and brunch proved to be equally epic. I had a chickpea crepe with an amazing arugula side salad.


It was an incredible weekend. We splurged, to be sure, but mom and I haven’t gone on an actual vacation together since I graduated college in ’03. (And even then, it wasn’t super flashy: we drove to Canada for two nights. Prior to that, our last vacation was to Florida when I was 8 years old). Point being: it was lots of indulging (financially-speaking), but she absolutely deserves it and it was long overdue.


And here’s a picture of a train stop. Aren’t they just so dreamy?



Okay New Yorkers, what did I miss/what should I do next time? And fellow non-New Yorkers, I promise you’ll be in for a treat at any of these locations!

4 thoughts on “Vegan Eats in NYC!

  1. Jess says:

    You hit a bunch of my favorite vegan-friendly NYC spots! Peacefood Cafe and Blossom are a few other favorites : )

    How was Beautiful? I love Carole King and really want it to be good!

    • raechel says:

      I went to Blossom and Peace Food in my last couple trips there, and love them both as well. (We’ll have to hit one of them up on my next visit when I have time to meet you!). Beautiful was AMAZING. Oh my god, I cried my eyes out. Any Carole King fan will absolutely LOVE it. Mom and I listened to the shit out of Tapestry when I was growing up, so it was all.the.feelings!

  2. FoodFeud says:

    Haha I would have told you about the zine fest but I figured you guys would be BUSY and it looks like, yes, you were. Lots of stuff crammed into a short weekend!
    I’ve never been to Josie’s but I’ve heard good things. Actually the only place you went to that I’ve been to is Caravan of Dreams, and that was forever ago. You’d probably really like Angelica’s Kitchen and Quintessence, if you wanna keep those in mind for next time.
    I’ve never heard train stations described as “dreamy” before, haha, but they can be nice. Some have pretty cool murals and other public art pieces.

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