Friday Five!

Happy Friday, friends. It has been a week of big things….Big, heavy things. More decisions, more unknowns. And more putting in the work to see the best in all of it. I am hanging in there just fine, but this is going to be a short post. I am also SO READY for my upcoming weekend in NYC to celebrate my momma’s bday! We’re going to see the Carol King play on Broadway because Tapestry is, like, our album. I can’t wait.

First, here are some emo words from the babealicious Andrea Gibson.

#realtalk #queerpoetsmakemefeelallthefeelings

#realtalk #queerpoetsmakemefeelallthefeelings


And now here are some things from the internet and a list of Stuff From the Week That Made Me Happy. Enjoy. <3


Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter

I’ve been on an almond butter kick lately, and Gabby’s recipe definitely  caught my eye (and my belly). Also, this post is great because she talks about being an only-child. #reprezent


“You Can’t Self-Help Away Deeply Ingrained Structural Discrimination”

This is Jessica Valentti’s awesome response to that “Confidance Gap” article that was published in The Atlantic. Leaning in to the patriarchy barely makes a dent.


Star Science  

So I’m pretty into astrology. (File under, things that aren’t surprising. As one person I met recently asked rhetorically, feigning shock, “Wait, you’re a femme who is into astrology?!?”). This article is a nice defense of why we should take it seriously.  And here are my three favorite horoscope sites: Astrobarry, Astrology Zone, and Madame Clairevoyant (her readings are pure poetry).


Mary Lambert on Body Love

This video made me feel some feelings. It might make you feel them too.


Stuff From My Week That Made Me Happy

my students, my students, my students (<3)

consent event at my college



my cute teacher outfits this week (if I do say so myself)

reminders that obstacles are “another fucking opportunity for growth” (#AFOG)

highland kitchen

diesel-face cat

peeps (LC, LD, MH, EP, MP, momma, to name a few)

planning! (NYC! Friend visits! Summer!)

super posi vibes from the general Boston area on Marathon Monday


What made you happy this week? I hope it was so many things!


8 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Jess says:

    I feel way more excited about planning this summer than any years in recent memory. I think because it’s my first where I’m not still in school and not just adjusting to a new, sucky job.

    Have a wonderful trip!

    • raechel says:

      Oh I’m glad you will finally get a good summer! And if i wasn’t spending this trip with my mom, I’d see if you’d want to meet up…I’ll be on the East Coast for a while, so someday, a meet up should happen!

  2. frugalveganmom says:

    Raechel good to see you back posting again! I’m sure I could come up with some small, universally inspiring things to share, but really what’s making me most happy this week is feeling baby kicks regularly every day and just finding out all the blood work came back normal!!
    Plus, a lovely picnic with the moms and kiddos at the park today after a week of dreary MN spring weather, complete with homemade ginger pinapple kombucha from a friend.

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