Friday Five!

Hello! I hope you’re having a nice week. It got cold here again in New England. I’m definitely ready for the warm weather to stick around, but I’m hangin’ tough.

friday wisdom. feeling this lately.

friday wisdom. feeling this lately.

Here are some things from the internet that caught my eye this week, plus a list of Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy.


30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself 

Okay, so I have really mixed feelings about these self-helpy lists. On the one hand, the promotion of getting happier (or whatever end goal their encouraging) through positive thinking and attitude adjustments really rubs me the wrong way. What about material obstacles like poverty and racism and sexism and heterosexism (etc etc etc)? On the other hand, I think pretty much everyone can benefit from working on finding ways to “start concentrating on the things you can control,” and “start accepting things when they are less than perfect,” and “start listening to your own inner voice,” (among others). I bookmarked the list and have found it helpful to review in the morning before I start my day, (especially the “start working toward your goals every single day”!).


Namast-HAY, Gurl

So, a friend of mine from Chicago started a company called The Little Volcano, which describes itself as “yoga, bodywork and apparel for wizards and weirdos.” Their most recent clothing addition was released this week, and I ordered one immediately. Namast-HAY, gurl! Be still, my queer unicorn heart.


rosie. The Little Volcano, co-founder.


“5 Day Booty Blast”

The names of these things are so ridic, but name aside, this 5 day glute-focused routine from The Daily HIIT was really awesome. It was a nice supplement to my usual workout routine, and it was cool to commit to something everyday for the work week.


Organic Food and the Poor

I love anything that dispels the notion that organic (or vegan or “healthy”) is something that only rich people care about. Although the Whole Foods organic food white lady stereotype is real (hashtag, implicated), this idea that only well-off people care about health erases and dehumanizes poor people and people of color who are very invested in health, even if it looks different from normal definitions of health and/or if they may not have access to resources to perform “healthy citizen” to the same extent as the upper-classes. As the article notes:

“…In reality, the poor actually consider organic food more important than the rich, according to top researchers — and organic isn’t a “select” phenomenon at all. Three-quarters of American shoppers buy organic food at least occasionally and more than a third do so monthly, according to industry analysis by the Hartman Group. When researchers asked why shoppers didn’t buy organic more often, two-thirds said it was because of the higher price.

And yet the myth that only the rich buy organic persists, driven by a kind of circular logic that conflates preference (valuing organic) with behavior (actually buying it). The cost of organic food keeps the poorest families from buying it often, and since only the wealthy can easily afford organic food, the only people we see buying it are wealthy. That, in turn, makes organic food into a norm for the rich, and a treat for the rest of us.”


Stuff from the Week that Made Me Happy

getting some promising job news (nothing official, but progress)

kitten love

the “affirmationz and gratitudez” group that i’m a part of

lady book club TONIGHT! (aka, “lesbian bible study”)

dinner with friends


students being so smart

sunshine (even if it’s cold)

new jams (like, music, although some new preserves would be nice too ;))

the fact that ICE got shut down in Boston (#not1more)


friend phone calls and texts

dancing on the town


What made you happy this week? xoox

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