WI(P)W: New Semester Routine/Food Prep!

After a long break filled with traveling, yoga, socializing, and lots of working out of coffee shops, I’m finally back on campus for the new semester. Five weeks of “vacation” can lead to the breaking of good habits and the forming of….well….the de-forming of routine. As a person who feels so grounded in routine, I was very happy to get back to it. And one of the best habits I set this fall was food prep! So today’s rendition of “What I Ate Wednesday” is actually “What I Prepped Wednesday.”

Finding my zen. Lemon scents and knife concentration. Photo by Kimberly Stakes Photography.

Finding my zen. Lemon scents and knife concentration. Photo by Kimberly Stakes Photography.

Sunday night I made lunches for the week (millet and kale), snacks (carrot sticks and raw walnut butter), juices (green!), and dinner fixin’s (roasted chickpeas).




20140122-011637.jpgI used my lower-cal almond butter recipe to make the walnut butter and just replaced almonds with walnuts (obvs).

20140122-011650.jpg(You may notice that those chicpeas are roasting in a convection oven. Here’s a story: when you are a single lady living on your own in the third most expensive city in the country, sometimes you have to rent apartments that don’t have ovens in them because that is all you can afford. File under: #thingsineverthoughtiddo #shityouhavetodoinhardtimes #wtf #makingdo #itsactuallynotsobad.)

It felt great to chop and roast and juice and squeeze and stir. I felt centered and present.

Well….mostly present. I was watching this week’s SNL episode on my Roku….Drake was a wee bit distracting. <3


he been up all night, whole crew’s in here.

Hope you’re having a lovely week. xoxox

6 thoughts on “WI(P)W: New Semester Routine/Food Prep!

    • raechel says:

      well, i do have some tough curve balls throughout the week. like, i teach a late night yoga class the day before i have to be up early on campus, so any semblance of a nighttime routine is smashed. stuff like that. i hope you can find some tiny little routine to keep! it’s helpful!

  1. FoodFeud says:

    So did you move out of the place you would have lived in with yr partner? (you don’t have to answer that if you’d rather not.) Looks like yr doing pretty well without the oven though. Did the convection oven come with the place?
    I love doing food prep too, but I’m probably less busy than you are and I only prep for, at most, three days in advance because I never know what’s really going to happen throughout the week. I also like to add a little variety, so I’ll do three days and then another three days or something. Also I sometimes worry about prepped meals going bad. Anyway, yes it’s a great habit.
    I don’t know that I’ve heard of many people prepping green juices. Do the vitamins and minerals all stay intact?

    • raechel says:

      Yeah, I’m going to skip any details regarding the breakup to respect both our privacy. But point is, I have no oven! I had to buy the convection oven myself. I only do a max of two green juices so as to keep the nutrients as fresh as possible. And I agree, sometimes life gets in the way…I have a lunch prepped from last week that never got eaten because other stuff got in the way, and now I’m not sure it’ll be good anymore. : / Worth the risk though!

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