Thanksgiving Re- cap


I had a really wonderful trip home to Cleveland visiting family and friends over Thanksgiving. I had two Thanksgivings with two different sides of my family. Mom and I prepared all the gluten-free and vegan dishes, including: pomegranate maple-glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, cornbread, brussels sprouts salad with chickpeas, Angela’s (truly) Best Kale Salad with pecan parmesean, and apple-pear crumble.




20131201-195417.jpgOn Saturday, I celebrated Vegan Thanksgiving, a tradition I’ve been doing with the same group of amazing people for 11 years! We had the pleasure of a new addition to our little gathering too:


This is Rory. I am in love with him. He is the creation of my first best friend (since we were four years old!) and her husband, and he is just a new bright light of my life. This is kind of a thing for me. I’m not a “baby-person.” I don’t think all babies are cute. I have spent most of my life not wanting a baby. But Rory. He is sort of a game-changer. <3

We also ate a ton of amazing food! Collards, cornbread, best sweet potatoes ever, (more) kale salad, great tofu, and stuffing!



This is my friend Todd. He brews and sells his own beer now! I am so proud of him. North Carolina readers, go find his brewery! And everyone else, go check out the Fonta Flora website and Facebook page!


Proud Parents + Mountain Man.


Amazing Ladies!

We finished the night with a game of Cards Against Humanity and some delicious treats. My mom made us Tasty Yummie’s Salted Chocolate Tart, which was UNREAL GOOD, and I made some quick raw gingerbread date balls too.


20131201-195355.jpgAs I’ve said before, when times are tough, it is humbling to still have so much to be thankful for. <3

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Re- cap

  1. FoodFeud says:

    Looks like a wonderful time. I didn’t get to comment on yr last post but it was well thought out and lovely and humbling as usual. So glad you were able to spend the holiday with lovely people and food.

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