Friday Five!

Hi gang. How has your week been? I actually had a pretty rough start, but sometimes rough patches are the thing you need to motivate change. So by Tuesday morning, I was rejuvenated and have had a really gentle week of self-care, lots of reflection, and lots of good habit setting (and bad habit breaking). My weekend plans include lots of work, lots of yoga, and cat-sitting a friend’s adorable kittehs. It’ll be a low-key weekend which I honestly haven’t really had since I arrived in Boston, believe it or not. Much needed.


This is part of my new running path. Kind of beautiful, right?


How about some things to take us into the weekend?

Fall Detox Soup

I love the Tasty Yummies Fall Cleanse Series because when Beth does a cleanse, she still eats amazing, nutritious food, and so there are lots of beautiful recipes. For example, this gorgeous, comforting fall detox soup, full of so many seasonal veggies! I really want to make this on a Sunday night and just eat it for the rest of the week. Yum.

Pugs in Halloween Costumes

Do I really need to say anything else to get you to click the link?

Gender Non-Conforming and Sexually Diverse Inclusive Yoga Practices

This interview with  Jacoby Ballard, who teaches yoga specifically geared towards queer and trans people, is all the things. It has much needed reminders for yoga teachers to use inclusive-language and to be generally mindful about the ways in which yoga culture may perpetuate heterosexism and cissexism.

Triple Ginger Beet Smoothie

I made this smoothie this week, and it was so delicious. I skipped the crystallized ginger and added a couple drops of stevia, plus some spinach. It’s also the most GORGEOUS color!

Stuff From My Week That Made Me Happy

Yoga (the practice, the community, the new CPY studio, all of it).

Having a day to work on my own research and job letters.

Sticking to this new self-care plan!

Healthy, homemade food.


Therapy. (#realtalk! #destigmatize!)


Phone calls with momma.

Conversations with friends, far and near.

Connecting even more with my students.

Feeling in awe of my New England fall scenery

A heart that is alive enough to hurt.

What made you happy this week?

13 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Kathleen says:

    One thing that made me happy was baking and decorating cupcakes. I don’t get the chance to do it often, but it is relaxing for me to do it. I just love it. :) I also enjoyed seeing and hearing an amazing shaved ice truck drive around our neighborhood — it was so cool!

  2. Move Eat Create says:

    What a lovely read on this Friday morning. I’ve been having a tough week in many ways, but this just lifted the spirits a bit! I will say that something that has been making me happy this week is the amazing, incredible weather we are having in Portland. It’s so beautiful!

  3. Jess says:

    I’m sooo happy it’s Friday—it’s been one of those weeks that had me walking around with a lit stick of incense to “clear” things when I got home from work today. Also, therapy was a good part of my week too. I will never understand the stigma…
    Have a great weekend!

  4. nikki says:

    That running path shot is enough to make me want to lace up my sneakers and hit the park. Running in the Fall is glorious.

    And, I had never been to Tasty Yummies before! Thank you for sharing. And, you’re right, her cleanse looks delicious.

  5. FoodFeud says:

    That fall soup looks absolutely perfect. I always want to eat more adzuki beans. Hope you are able to have a calm weekend – especially with Boston being such a baseball town! Are you finding yrself caught up in any of that??
    I am going to see MEN (JD Samson’s band) tomorrow with a friend – that’s what I’m most stoked about!

    • raechel says:

      A very belated reply! I couldn’t not be somewhat caught up in the baseball stuff (it was pretty inescapable!), but I myself am not a big baseball fan. Still, it was fun to be around all that energy!

      MEN is great! I saw them with Le Tigre and The Gossip back in 2004! Fun!

  6. Franco says:

    Hi really liked your soup and I’ll try it as soon as it gets enough cold in here. Usually this would be the perfect time of the year to have some hot food here in Torino, but strangely it’s still not that cold (and I quite miss that).

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