A Theme-Appropriate Weekend


This is what I get to look at everyday when I go to work. Teaching at a cute college in New England is kind of dreamy.

This past Friday, a dear friend of mine came to visit me on campus to see the gorgeousness that is autumn outside of the city. That’s not to say that Boston proper isn’t gorgeous too, but there’s something nice about getting 40 minutes north and seeing more trees, more leaves, and experience more intensely the smell and feel of the crisp fall air, not marred by the congestion of the city.

The other big plan of the evening involved baking these dirty chai mini bundt cakes and watching “Hocus Pocus.” So fall-y and Halloween-y! ::delightedsqueal:: Another friend of ours joined us at that point, and we cracked open some wine, beer, and opened the bag of chocolate chips (for the glaze), just for good measure.


Ladies night staples?


Mixing. Cute halloween towel, gift from mom.


Waiting for the cakes to bake, Liz & Meagan strike a silly pose.


Divine Miss M. As a witch.


Meagan takes them out of the oven…




Finished product. So so delicious!

I highly recommend this recipe, with a few changes. We used coconut oil instead of palm oil, and I used one cup of almond flour and one cup all-purpose GF flour, instead of only the all-purpose. Otherwise, we followed it precisely.

I also highly recommend spending a silly night with your pals. And doing something Halloweeny. And breathing in fall and feeling grateful. <3

Have a great start to your week.


4 thoughts on “A Theme-Appropriate Weekend

  1. FoodFeud says:

    Jealous of the beautiful foliage! I’ve been taking walks and picking up pretty leaves but they’re all battered and trampled on the sidewalk, really.
    Such cute little bundts! I don’t even have a normal sized bundt pan but these look way more fun anyway.

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