Grains n’ Greens: Easy Lunch “Recipes”

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m bringing you a few quick, simple ideas for lunches. This whole eating a regular lunch thing is kind of new to me—-my former grad student schedule meant the formation of unhealthy habits like skipping breakfast and having a breakfast-like meal (usually a smoothie) around 12 or 1pm, then a little snacking before a large dinner. It’s been exciting to re-train my body to enjoy actual breakfast and actual lunch, but only insofar as I can accomplish prepping these meals in a short amount of time (of which I have not so much to spare these days).

You may have noticed that I scare-quoted the word “recipes.” Here’s the thing: I don’t care for loathe measuring things. Seriously, it’s kind of the worst. I’ve made an effort to put things in actual measuring spoons and cups for the sake of the blog, but at this point, I just don’t have time for that business. That’s not to say I’ll never provide measurements for a future recipe, but for things like I’m about to share with you, they’re kind of fool-proof. And if you’re all, “No, I really really need you to give me numbers and rules and confines!” I challenge you to reflect on that feeling and what it says about your inability to challenge authority. JK. No judgements. If you need numbers, go visit one of the other kajilion vegan food blogs written by people who are legit amazing cooks and make money off their blogs/have time to measure shit out. But, if you’re the type to give a middle finger to things that tell you what to do, try your hand at these delicious “recipes,” won’t you?

Turmeric Quinoa & Greens Bowl

Quinoa, cooked (a cup-ish or however-hungry-you-are cups)

olive oil (i used a smidge, but maybe you want more)

lemon juice (i used a lot, but maybe you want less)

turmeric, powdered (a generous amount)

salt & pepper (to taste)

greens (i used raw kale and put the warm quinoa on top so it got kind of wilty)

zucchini, chopped (i used about half a medium zucc)

Put them all in a bowl or your favorite on-the-go container. Mix it up with a fork. Put in your belly.


Avocado, Millet, & Greens

Millet, cooked (a cup-ish)

Greens (a bunch. same deal as above. i put in raw kale, put warm millet on top)

avocado (i used half; do your thang)

salt & pepper (to taste)

lemon juice (only liquid in here, so make it count)

Put in a single container, mix it up. Eat.


Millet, Avocado, Sweet Potato & Greens

Millet, cooked (samsies as above)

Greens (ditto’d)

avocado (ditto squared)

sweet potato, cooked (i used about 1/2 of one, steamed)

cinnamon (lots)

cayenne pepper (a bit)

salt (to taste)

Put greens and millet in a bowl. Add your warm sweet potato and the rest of the toppings/seasonings. Mix it up and chow.


Do you like precise measurements or winging it?

6 thoughts on “Grains n’ Greens: Easy Lunch “Recipes”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Oooohhhh, your kale with quinoa sounds AMAZING! I really need to get me some quinoa the next time we go to Costco. :) With measurements, there are some things that I want really precise but other times where I just wing it. When I’m following someone else’s recipe I try to be as precise as I can, but when I make my Split Pea soup I don’t measure anything — I add my spices by how it smells, adding a little more of this and a little more of that until I get what I want. When I bake I do that a lot too — just eye-ball the amount. Why get more silverware dirty? ;)

  2. Natalia says:

    Love the sound of your Millet, Avocado, Sweet Potato & Greens! Never would have thought to add cinnamon :) I’m not a fan of measuring things at all! I always wing it – and it works most of the time!

  3. nikki says:

    Hi Raechel! These are my kind of meals. I just picked up some millet & amaranth because I’m trying to expand my grain variety after being stuck in a quinoa rut for way too long. I haven’t added turmeric to my bowls, ever, so I’m looking forward to trying that, too. When I get busy I fall back in time, and the food I make for myself is so 1990’s veggies+braggs+nooch, etc.

    I rarely measure IRL, only things for the blog, and even then it tends to be a guess.

    Hope all is well in Boston! Love the little updates & instagrams. :)

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