Friday Five!

Hello, stranger(s). It’s been so long, and oh how I’ve missed you! I am writing to from my new home just on the outskirts of Boston (but, as this handy article notes, anyone who says they live in Boston probably lives in one of these neighboring hoods anyway). I have to admit it has been one of the the most difficult adjustment/transition of my life. There were a lot of factors that led to the move being even more stressful than originally anticipated, and although I won’t go into detail, trust that  they are some of the most legit excuses for not blogging that you could think of. So, it’s been hard times, indeed, but I’m trying to keep my chin up. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been trying to check-in with daily gratitude lists, and I’m excited to return to the Friday Five “Stuff From My Week That Made Me Happy” exercise. Gotta stay posi!

exploring new coffee shops/appreciating the wall art.

exploring new coffee shops/appreciating the wall art.

The new job has been wonderful but exhausting. Although I’ve been teaching college classes for the past six years, it’s my first time teaching more than one class a semester, and all I can say is that I totally understand why professors repeat the same dumb story over and over to the same group of students as though they’d never heard it. By class #3, I totally forgot which group I cracked which joke to! Fortunately, I’m staying clear-headed on the content I’m teaching, but how embarrassing if I tell my stories to the same group more than once, amirite!? It’s all good though. I love teaching. This is why I put myself through this whole PhD rigamarole. The other end isn’t paradise, but I honestly can’t imagine doing much else.

With this new schedule, I’m not certain how much blogging I’ll be able to get to during the school year. However, I’d love to check in at least once or twice a week to say hey. Peeps tell me they love the FF, so I’m happy to break my hiatus with 4 (things from the internet that are rad/outraging/eye-catching/whatevs) + 1 (list of stuff that made me happy this week). <3


Soy Good or No Good?

I love that Kris Carr took some time to write about the pros and cons of soy in a vegan diet. It’s a controversial topic, but she explains that it’s not necessary to ban the stuff altogether.


Apple Pie Chia Seed Jam Breakfast Parfait

Every recipe from the Oh She Glows kitchen catches my eye, but this recipe looks particularly delicious and so very fall!



As my friend who posted it on fb said, “this set of pictures will stab you in the face with cuteness.” ::stab’d::


Kale and Fig Salad with Hemp Dressing

This salad sounds delicious. I know fig season is both summer and fall, but they feel more fall to me, and so I’m all about this. Yum.


Stuff From My Week That Made Me Happy

Getting back to teaching (college) classes!

Also, teaching yoga classes. The first class I taught in Boston, I was still sleeping on a friend’s couch, technically homeless. It was the most grounding experience I had had since leaving Minneapolis.  SO grateful I got to transfer studios so easily.

Feeling the love and well-wishes of my dear friends and family in other parts of the country. I feel very loved and so lucky to have people in my life that are so miss-able.

Slowly learning my way around my neighborhood. (Very slowly).

Making a decent-size dent in the unpacking/nesting process.

A meeting with my new department colleagues that was 90% socializing and laughter (that I was genuinely enjoying!), 10% work, and hearing, at the end, that this is a pretty standard meeting.

The friends I have from Chicago who now live in Boston (you know who you are!). They’ve made this transition infinitely less scary.

Finally seeing Mike and the baby-cat after not seeing them for two weeks. (I came early for an orientation).

Boston accents, charming my ears off. (Rather, “Boston accents chah-ming my ea-ahs off.”)


What’s making you happy this week? And how have you gotten tough times like big moves and other major life changes?  xoxoxo

10 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Kibby says:

    Rachel, I was just thinking about you this morning and was going to email you to make sure you were doing well – you’ve been in my thoughts. So good to see this post and you are settled in and teaching. I’m here if you need anything or a friend to talk to. Have a great weekend! Love you!

  2. amyinuptown says:

    Go Boston girrl, go! I’m in a “bake-off” at the farmer’s market this weekend, and I was stumped on what to make. Not anymore! Basic gluten-free/sugar-free cookie (probably more like a macaroon than a cookie) topped with a dollop of this apple pie chia seed jam. #cleaneating #inspiration #yourock

  3. Christy@SweetandSavoring says:

    I’m sorry to hear the move was so stressful for you, but glad things have settled down a bit. Love that coffee shop wall art!
    Grounding activities are where it’s at when I get stressed out- long walks, preferably in the woods or near water, meditating, putting on my favorite music really loud and dancing around the house :)
    I love that I’m wearing a cozy sweater right now and looking at fresh flowers picked from the garden and that my husband has warmed up the bed for me! Hope you have a relaxing weekend- totally understand about school ranking higher than blogging. Happy to see this post!

    • raechel says:

      Thank you, Christy! I love your grounding activities. I wish I lived closer to the river or the bay because I am a total water-person too, unfortunately it’s a bit of a hike towards either. But I’m definitely loving this cooler weather! : )

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