Farmer’s Market Feast: Compassionate Action for Animals Cooking Class Menu

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to teach my second cooking class for the wonderful Minneapolis-based vegan outreach group, Compassionate Action for Animals. The theme of the evening was making use of local summer vegetables, and we had a wonderful evening talking about our favorite warm-weather vegan meals.


Me and my lovely assistant, Shannon.

Jicama and Radish Salad

1 large head of kale

handful of radishes

1/2 jicama

1/2 lemon

1-2 t olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Wash all your vegetables. Tear and massage your kale into bite size pieces and place in a large salad bowl. Thinly slice your radishes. Peel jicama then cut into match-stick pieces. Add veggies to salad bowl. Squeeze juice from half a lemon over the salad, drizzle the olive oil, add the salt and pepper. Mix everything together with your hands until evenly coated.


Basil Walnut Pesto

1/2 c walnuts

1 c fresh basil

1 clove garlic

1/2 t salt

olive oil, optional to desired consistency

Blend all ingredients in a food processor. We added this to roasted sweet potatoes for the class, and it was delicious!


Roasted Farm Fresh Carrots

1 bunch farm fresh carrots

1-2 t olive oil

1/2 t salt

Preheat oven to 405. Drizzle carrots with olive oil, add salt. Cook for 30 minutes.


Raw Strawberry Crumble

1 pint fresh strawberries

1/2 c oats

1/2 c almonds

2 T coconut flakes

1 c pitted medjool dates

pinch salt

agave, optional, to taste

Slice strawberries into bite size pieces and place in a pie-like dish. Blend the remaining ingredients in a food processor until crumbly, but somewhat sticky consistency forms. Spread crumble over strawberries and serve.



What is your favorite thing to do with summer vegetables from the farmer’s market?

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