4th of July Recipe Round-Up

Happy Wednesday! If you’ve been reading for a while and/or if you’re a friend of mine IRL, you know that I have both a love of themey holidays as well as a sharp critique of most of the reasons behind a lot of holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving=Colonial Genocide/also OMGcuteturkeydecorations and vegan pumpkin dishes!; Valentine’s Day=Hallmark ploy to make money and impose heternormative romantic ideals onto society/also OMGcuteheartdecorations and vegan chocolate things!; etc.). 4th of July is no different. I’m not really interested in celebrating blind patriotism or American Exceptionalism. I am, however, super interested in celebrating all things red, white, and blue; sparklers; fruity summer desserts; and an excuse to hang out with pals on our back porch.

Luckily, I get to do all those things tomorrow (!). I thought today would be a good day to feature some TRGK recipes that would be great for your 4th of July BBQ!

Why not start the day off with my Berry Firework Protein Muffin? The berries get all explodey like fireworks. Delicious and metaphorical. Win, win.


What to take to your outdoor social gathering you ask? Maybe a batch of the best guacamole ever?


Or a batch of lemony white bean dip?


Maybe grill up some citrus beet chips or farm-fresh carrots?


And for dessert, get creative with some coconut mango cream pies with beet reduction! Look at that firework-like beet drizzle!


Okay, now back to gawking at these pictures for style inspiration (except, like, reclaiming it and stuff).

What are doing to celebrate the 4th? Or, if you aren’t in the US, what is your favorite summer party food?

9 thoughts on “4th of July Recipe Round-Up

  1. ohwhatachristy says:

    I hear you on not celebrating blind patriotism (but oh man, is it hard to get away from. ‘Freedom Isn’t Free!’ Home of the Brave!’ ad infinitum…). We’ve got plans to head down to Long Island, and I am looking forward to that: beach, lots of great food, big party/volleyball tournament.
    White bean dip and guacamole are two of my favorite foods to dip things in :)
    Have a good holiday however you end up spending it!

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