Friday Five!

Happy Friday everyone! This has been quite a week: major political decisions, erratic weather, and the anniversary of MJ’s death (::tear::). On top of that, it’s been a week of the super moon, Mercury in retrograde, and of course, lots of raucous queer energy. Yes, it’s Pride Week in a lot of cities across the country, and I am super excited to be celebrating queer community with my Minneapolis queer family! Tonight is a Pride Block Party, then a dance party featuring Raja from RuPaul’s drag race, DDD, burlesque dancers, and my fave Twin Cities DJ. Tomorrow is the TransQueerDyke March, and a BBQ with my pals. (Side note. I know I don’t talk a lot about my queer identity on this blog, but if you want to know how/why I use that label, you can read more here!).


what a lot of my summer evenings have looked like. also, rainbow(!).

I hope you’re enjoying this Week of Big Things, and that you have a really awesome Weekend of Big Things. Here are some things from the internet, and some stuff that made me happy this week. <3


Racism, with a Side of Butter

You’ve probably seen the stuff in the news about Paula Deen getting fired from the Food Network for being racist. I think this was a good move on FN’s part, but really appreciated this nuanced response from Crunk Feminist Collective. Short version: “This has the potential to be a productive moment to have a conversation about race, class, gender, sexuality, and accessibility at work, to discuss fair labor practices, and to support organizations that are in the trenches advocating for workers’ rights. Also, rather than being reactionary about being called racist…folks could try not being racist. A pipe dream, I know. Bottom line, I’m suggesting we keep our eyes on the prize and not forget the systemic issues that make Deen’s alleged behaviors not only possible, but also endemic.”

Rainbow Fruit Sticks (haay!)

I love this healthy idea for a Pride-themed snack. Just get some fruit and arrange on the sticks to make lovely rainbow of health and queer-liciousness.

Attention Newbie Vegans/Veg-Curious Readers

Are you an omnivore follower of TRGK? Have you wondered what it might be like to go completely vegan, but felt overwhelmed by how to go about cooking for yourself? The wonderful Angela from The Speckled Bean has got you covered. She created a hugely comprehensive blog post  answering common FAQs from new vegans. Check it out!

Orange Cream Tartlets with Mixed Berries

Oh, Oh, Ladycakes, how you’ve done it again! These orange cream tartlets look absolutely dreamy, and perfect for an indulgent, fluffy summer treat.

Stuff That Made Me Happy This Week

Seeing a rad show at a venue I had never been to before.

Riding my bike e’rywhere.

Testing out with my yoga studio manager to teach the more advanced yoga classes!

Out of town friend visits!

Feeling so much love and pride for the successes of colleagues/friends.

( fresco.happy hours. #cantstopwontstop).

Pulling off a successful surprise birthday party for Mike!


This site. (#feelings!).

First s’mores of the summer with friends.

…and a lot more. <3

Is it Pride Weekend in your town? Any thoughts on the Paula Deen controversy? Don’t those tartlets sound dreamy?! What made you happy this week?

15 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Christy@SweetandSavoring says:

    Thanks so much for linking to that, article! I have always loved the term queer to describe my identity. People make jokes like ‘so they didn’t revoke your card?’ since I married my husband- I was only with women before him- and it’s sort of funny, but really not. I still want that part of me, and I’m glad Andy is supportive of that. We went to a Pride event nearby recently and it was wonderful to go together and just be happy. Pride marches happening this weekend will be especially charged with a triumphant energy, I’m sure!
    So, this post is making me happy right now :) Also salt and black pepper chips, good music, and having fun plans for the weekend.
    Have a good one!

    • raechel says:

      Thank you for commenting, Christy! I absolutely love finding other queer/bi-identified women that are in relationships with cisgender men. It is a really tough thing to maintain that part of your identity, but it feels really really important to me! So glad to have a kindred spirit reader! <3 Happy pride! : )

  2. Amanda Peters from Chicago says:

    OMG, Raechel, I think I plagiarized that post and turned it in for the “describe how you identify” assignment in Missy’s queer theory class in 2007. A lot of identity stuff weighs on my mind during Pride, and lately I’ve been thinking that I’m actually appropriating the term queer since my life is currently so heteronormative. Like, claiming I (white, educated, stay at home mama partnered with a cisgendered dude) am part of the queer community might be a slap in the face to the more visibly queer folks that deal with racism, sexism, homophobia, etc on a daily basis. I don’t know. It’s nice to know that there are kindred spirits out there. Happy Pride!

    • raechel says:

      Amanda, thank you for writing! I totally hear you about appropriating the term. I feel bad about using it sometimes too, but I want to believe that my politics influence my life decisions and thus I hope to still embody/practice queerness is ways that make it okay for me to claim the term. But that implies that there is some sort of “queer police” disciplining people’s right to self-determine their identity, which, of course, would be totally counter to a queer approach! So I dunno. It’s tough stuff, for sure. Yay for kindred spirits. Lots of love. <3

  3. angela says:

    Thanks for the shout out! It sounds like you’re having a great week/weekend. I’ve been feeling happy this week because I’m on a little break between summer classes and I have gotten to actually socialize and visit with some friends/family. School can be so isolating, especially online classes. Happy Pride!

  4. nikki says:

    Looks like a fun weekend for you! Our pride was last weekend, and the city was full of color and excitement. I love being out and about while it’s happening.

    It finally feels like summer in Portland. I’ve been hanging out in shorts, eating coconut ice cream.

  5. FoodFeud says:

    Happy Pride, Raechel!
    As usual I find myself agreeing with so much of what you say, though you say it more eloquently than I could! I identify queer as well, but am now in a committed relationship with a cisguy and am struggling with visibility. I find that as a straight-seeming couple, our friends are disproportionately other straight couples. When I was in a relationship with a woman, our friends were all lesbian, and now I feel like I’m missing a lot of those friendships. It’s hard for me to straddle both worlds without either not talking about the fact that I’m in a relationship with a cisguy, or bringing up the fact that I am queer and thus denying part of my identity. I do find, though, that because I am usually perceived as straight, to balance that I am more vocal about queer rights and the like – attending rallies and protests that I never did when I was in a relationship with a woman. Then, I was just content to love. It probably also helps that I am not very femme, haha.
    Kind of a funny story, one of the first times I hung out with my now-boyfriend, I told him I was a lesbian just so that he wouldn’t get any ideas, haha! But that just goes to show, love is love is love and overrules any labels. I, too am so so lucky to have a supportive partner.
    I just saw Peaches perform recently and she reminded me that there are also so, so many ways to love. I’m so happy about the overruling of DOMA! Let’s hope things keep moving in that direction.

    • raechel says:

      Thank you, Maude! It’s really helpful to know that there are a lot of us who struggle with this and just knowing there are so many of us makes me feel like that in itself is a community, which makes me feel less sad for being invisible in other spaces. Kind of. That is a funny story re: warning yr bf to stay away! I told my partner that I was queer right away because I had had some problems in the past with homophobic straight guys that I dated, so I was glad to know that he was cool with it right off the bat.

      That’s so rad you saw Peaches ! I bet that was an incredible show!

      queersisterlove to you. <3

  6. Natalia says:

    I’m late to the party, but wanted to comment anyway! Love this FF : ) Lots of reasons to be happy for sure!! Great news re: whats happened in the USA, so happy for you guys!! I can only imagine how amazing the parties to celebrate must have been! Big love x ps. I read the article you linked to, and omgosh what I would give to chat to you over coffee about all the things in RL!

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