Friday Five!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is a very special Friday Five because I finally get to share my big secret with all of you. You regulars may remember some cryptic posts about “big news” a while back, and now that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, I can finally come clean:

I got a job as a Visiting Assistant Professor at a college just north of  Boston! Mike and I will be moving to the city in August!

This is majorly wicked exciting news. You may also remember me feeling really low and discouraged about the job search, and so getting a sweet gig was absolutely thrilling and I’m very grateful.

That’s not to say deciding whether or not I was going to take the job wasn’t an extremely hard decision to make. Mike and I talked and talked (and talked) about all the pros and cons. The biggest con, of course, being that he would have to leave his (super awesome, important, fulfilling) job. It was not a decision we made lightly, but at the end of the day, the pros–(including but not limited to: finally living in a big city again! the joys of the east coast! a new adventure! a train trip away from NYC! the ocean! the great job waiting for raechel! etcetra!)—outweighed the cons. I feel genuinely lucky to have a partner who is so generous and open (and feministy—way to let the lady take the career reigns, amirite?).

It’s a year long position guaranteed with the possibility for tenure-renewal in 2014. This means that next year I will either be staying put, applying for different jobs in Boston, or applying for jobs in Chicago again (where my heart, I’m afraid, may forever belong). Embracing this precarity has forced me to practice yoga-outside-the-yoga-room more intensely than any other obstacle I’ve come across. We are taking a giant leap of faith, and the only way to cope with giant leaps of faith, I’ve found, is to practice being fully present. Acknowledging that this move may be awesome or may not be awesome—but that those are temporary results that will change in each moment—-is pretty liberating.

(these pinterest inspirational messages are so cheesy but SO.TRUE.)

(these pinterest inspirational messages are so cheesy but SO.TRUE.)

So, dear readers, I am dying to know about your experiences taking leaps of faith, moving across the country, moving a partner away from a job, and/or general insight about Boston (srsly, we need an apartment, and the rental market appears to be awful out there, so if yr in the area, please hook a sister up). Tell me all your stories. In moments of big change, connecting with other people who have gone through similar things has proven to be wildly nourishing to anxious hearts and minds.

With that, here are four neat-o things from the internet, and a few things that made my week pretty rad. <3

More Reasons to Avoid Processed Food

This article from BuzzFeed reveals 8 foods that are US store shelves, but are banned in other countries. Why are things artificial dies, oils, and synthetic growth hormones banned in other countries you ask? Oh, you know, just small things like birth defects, cancer, and kidney failure. Nbd. UGH. Go vegan and skip the processed junk and you won’t have to worry about it for yourself—(but do continue to rage productively for the millions of people who have to consume it because of structural reasons).

Spicy Apple Radish Slaw

Love the sound of this crisp and refreshing slaw from The Lemon Bowl. Sub agave for honey to make vegan.


For real! Read more about this mama catty who took in a 1-day old pit bull who was abandoned by it’s bio mom. This is THE CUTEST! (And they all reside in Cleveland, my home town, woop woop!)

Almond Pulp Freezer Fudge

After my wildly successful first attempt at making homemade almond milk (see below), I was on a quest to find an awesome recipe for my leftover almond pulp. This freezer fudge from Nature’s Nurture totally caught my eye. Sounds easy and delicious, and I bet you could skip the honey altogether to make vegan.

Stuff From My Week That Made Me Happy

Boston planning!

Minneapolis bucket list planning!

(more) Patios! (more) Happy Hours! (more) Happy Hours on Patios!

Seeing this movie and having rad friends with whom to discuss/critique it.

Emails from long-lost pen pals.

Bike rides!

Radishes. (Can.not.get.e.NUF).

Making my own almond milk for the first time!

A particularly wonderful yoga class at the jail.

The babycat waking me up with cuddles and kisses at 5am.

…lots more. <3

How about you? What made you happy this week? Are you in love with that kitty/pit bull story? What’s your favorite thing to make with almond pulp? Do you have any Boston advice for me?!

23 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Christy@SweetandSavoring says:

    Wow, congratulations, that’s big news! (I like how you used the word ‘wicked’, a typical Boston area adjective ;)
    I’ve never really had a big move like this- probably the biggest leap for me (relatively) recently was getting married and starting school within just a few months of each other. Such big transitions to adjust to all at once, you know? We’re hoping to move somewhere new (maybe further south, maybe over to the UK, where my husband is from!), but finishing school, saving money, and enjoying the Northeast are all good for now.
    My happy: L.A. banned plastic bags this week, hubby made strawberry waffles for breakfast, I got a lot of stuff done this week that I’d been putting off, and there’s a cool-sounding arts festival starting tonight that we’re heading to :)

    • raechel says:

      Yes, I would say getting married and starting school are huge transitions! Moving to the UK would be huge. Good luck making your decisions, but enjoy your time until then. : )

      Love your happy list! Strawberry waffles, mmm….

  2. twitchysister says:

    Eeeeek! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so excited for you, Dr. Raechel! This absolutely sounds like a risk worth taking and the scariest ones often turn out the best :) I don’t know a gosh darn thing about Boston, but IF you ever find yourself back in Chicago… I’ll hook you up, girl.


    • raechel says:

      Thank you, gal! Yes, I hope that if I ever do make it back to that beautiful city of the big shoulders that you and I can have ladies nights full of nut butters, rilo kiley, and all things cute. : )

  3. nikki says:

    Congratulations! When it comes to big changes, which can cause me big anxiety, I get through them by choosing to believe that whatever is, is meant to be. Something is waiting for you in the city, someone you need to meet, something you need to learn, something you need to experience… Seems like you’ve already embraced this frame of mind and are open to the all of the possibilities. Good luck finding that apartment, and I’m looking forward to following your new adventures!

    Also, kitty + pitbull baby is the cutest :)

  4. Lacy Davis says:

    YES! That’s great! What part of mass exactly? I love Beverly and have friends in Somerville and Ipswich! I highly recommend diesel for great coffee and vegan things! And on a super hot day when you are feeling like a treat could be good there is a vegan ice cream parlor next to grasshopper restaurant that makes me cry tears of joy to recall.

    Thanks for continuing to inspire!

    • raechel says:

      Thank you, lady! We are actually looking exactly in Somerville (maybe Cambridge), and I have already been told by all my rad queer lady friends that Diesel is the place to be. Is the ice cream shop called FoMu? I did some investigating and that one looks rad. Omg, I’m so excited to eat vegan foodz there!

  5. frugalveganmom says:

    Congrats Raechel! Sad to hear we will probably lose you from Mpls permanently though! I can’t say I’ve ever taken a giant leap of faith. I had an active travel bug when I was younger and studied abroad in Budapest, and planned to work abroad after college… but then met my husband and both our families are here and settled down and had a kid…. so now doing anything besides a day trip seems like a headache! Perfectly happy with that now though =).

    • raechel says:

      Thank you Kelly! I know, I’ll miss a lot about Minneapolis. Glad to get one more cooking demo in before I go. ; )

      Studying in Budapest must have been quite an experience!

  6. Kibby@Kibby's Blended Life says:

    Congratulations Raechel! How F—-g cool! I am so happy for you. I have taken many leaps of faith and each one was wonderful and exactly what I needed and where I need to be. I’ve been taking more leaps recently and knowing deep in our hearts that the time is right and time to step things up is GREAT! Have a great weekend! XO

  7. Lou says:

    HOORAY! Congrats you little star, you ;) How exciting! Can’t wait to read about your brand-spanking-new adventure.

    Oh and yay I didn’t even realise that I was in that link to the freezer fudge so yay for me too ;) Hehehe.

  8. Natalia says:

    Congratulations!! That’s wonderful! Moving and changes are stressful – but I have found it’s the people that make the place, and having supportive people in general when going through big changes. Luckily, it sounds like your man is just that : ) XX

    • raechel says:

      Thank you, Natalia! Yes, I think people do make the place, but I’m also dreadfully attached the feeling of urban spaces. But I am am glad I have my fella in tow. : )

  9. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    SO MUCH GOODNESS here! Congrats on the job! I wish you so much luck and happiness in your new endeavours :)

    That apple radish slaw looks delightful, must try it! And that fudge has been on my must-make list for a while.

    Yay for making almond milk!!!

  10. happyhealthy365 says:

    Congrats on the new job! This is really exciting! Boston advice: MARATHON :) Traveling around Italy, lots of gelato, sunshine, art, walking, pizza…all that made me really happy this week :)

    • raechel says:

      Thank you! I don’t think I am cut out for the marathon—did a half and haven’t run more than six miles since! Ha! Long-distance running is not for me. Your travels through Italy sound so magical! Glad you’re having a great time!

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