Just a couple quick things today:

First, thank you for all the kind words regarding the funeral I attended over the weekend. It was a terribly sad day and my heart is breaking for my cousin who lost his truest and only love at such a devastatingly young age.

[I have no good transition out of that.]

Also, this is the last time I’ll be writing on the blog as a “PhD Candidate.” Next time you hear from me, I will be “Dr. Raechel!” (Last name withheld/#canttrusttheinternets). In a few hours (after a good yoga sculpt class), I will be defending my dissertation; first through a public presentation, then in an hour long question and answer session with my committee. Eep!


a small sample of the books i’ve been hanging out with for the past few years.

I’m more excited than nervous, but that may change when I’m standing in front of everyone presenting four years worth of work. I guess it’s okay to be both. This symbolizes the end of one of the most intense journeys of my life. And it symbolizes the beginning of a brand new adventure. #feelingallthefeelings.

I hope you’re having a truly beautiful day. I’ll pop back in on Wednesday—maybe for a candid look of “What-I-Ate-On-Defense-Day” (spoiler alert: it will include vodka sodas)!

21 thoughts on “.endings&beginnings.

  1. Kibby says:

    Congratulations, you stunning woman! So proud of you and know you will knock this presentation “out of the park”. Love it that there will be vodka sodas. I made an espresso milk vodka drink the other night that was spectacular. Dandy Blend with fresh almond milk and espresso vodka – Holy WOW! Scrumptious! I’m celebrating with you over here. XO

  2. chantelle says:

    Oh heck yes! Sending all of the posi, supportive vibes and wireless internet high fives possible from over here! You’re more like Dr. Wonder Woman.

  3. Natalia says:

    I can’t work out whether you posted this your time/my time (bloody time differences, giving me a headache!) so you might have rocked it and be celebrating already!! If you, HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME!! And if you haven’t defended yet, GOOD LUCK!!!! (ps can I ask what you did your PhD in??) X

    • raechel says:

      Thanks, Natalia! I got my PhD in Communication Studies with a minor in Feminist and Critical Sexuality Studies. My dissertation focused on the relationship between the US labor movement and LGBT workers.

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