Friday Five (&perspective)

Friends. I’ve had a bit of a tough week. And I have been the opposite of yogic throughout most of it. My perspective has been out of whack and I was forgetting to breathe. You see, so many things went wrong this week: money stuff, car stuff, anxiety stuff, time stuff….

But there’s always stuff, isn’t there? When I turned in my dissertation, I thought, “Okay, now I will be free from stress.” But then the defense planning started, and it became, “Okay, after the defense, I will be free from stress.” Not so. Because there’s always going to be stuff.

In the midst of all this stuff the past week, something real happened. Something bigger than stuff. My cousin’s fiancee passed away. She had been battling leukemia for months. She was 25. I’m headed to the funeral tomorrow.

I don’t write this to bring anyone down, only to remind everyone that the cliché about not sweating the small stuff? It’s good advice. Being present and practicing gratitude are so much harder than they sound. But we’ve gotta keep trying. Life is just too short.


I did manage to collect some things from the internet to bring you a Friday Five. I hope this can bring you into your weekend with a new dedication to living fully and gratefully. <3

Cacao Crackle

Julia & Libby is a beauty of a blog. These gals glow, and their recipes are always simple and nutritious. Take, for example, this recipe for Cacao Crackle. Kind of a seed-y buckwheat cacao bark. Sounds like an awesome treat!


All About “Rubbish Pirating”(aka, “dumpster diving”)

I love love love this post from the lovely Natalia at Apples and Anarchy. She provides research about food waste on our planet and also some ways to combat it–specifically through consuming the “waste” rather than creating more of it. Her pictures of dumpster dived (dove?) meals will have you wanting to get to your nearest grocery store parking lot, asap. I haven’t been dumpster diving since my undergrad days, but Natalia re-inspired me.


Turmeric Sun Dressing

Ya’ll know I love turmeric. And salads. And dressing for salads. This glowing turmeric-heavy dressing from Mind Body Green sounds incredible. Sub honey with your sweetener of choice to make vegan.


Stress Management

These may seem fairly obvious—especially to a group of people who are likely already involved in some kind of wellness practice—but, as I stated above, I find I often forget even the most basic ways to manage stress. I was glad to stumble upon this article (this week in particular) to remind myself that although I can’t control all of my circumstances, I can control my reaction.


Buycott App

This article from Huffington Post talks about the app allows you to scan the barcode of items you want to purchase to see if they have connections to the Koch brothers, Monstanto, and other deplorable corporate entities you may want to avoid supporting. Voting with your dollar only gets us so far, but it’s a decent start!


No questions today. Just love. <3

18 thoughts on “Friday Five (&perspective)

  1. Arv says:

    I’ve been waking up and doing a short yoga practice most mornings this week, and it makes a world of difference on my outlook. Love to you and your cousin. So sorry your family has to experience that, and thank you for the wonderful reminder. <3

  2. Christy@SweetandSavoring says:

    I feel you on needing to learn (relearn, practice, etc) stress management. Some days/weeks/months are harder than others, and it can be tough to keep up with life.

    Thanks for those blog links, checking them out now- my husband and I have actually tried to dumpster dive, but all the food store around us have chained up/compactor style dumpsters, so no hope there. We did have luck at a bakery outlet with some hamburger buns, though!

    So sorry you’re having a rough week, and my condolences on the death in your family <3

  3. Lou says:

    I’m so sorry Raech….. but your sentiment rings true – life IS too short, too precious, too fleeting to get caught up in all the meaningless bullshit that tries to engulf us. Love and light x

  4. The Healthy Flavor says:

    What a well written post Raechel. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin’s fiance…that is heart breaking, especially at a young age. You are so right though….we worry so much about such mundane stupid things…whenever I’m struggling, I try to remind myself that all that really is important is my daughter and husband…that usually makes it all better! That tumeric dressing sounds amazing too :)

  5. Natalia says:

    Dearest Raechel, I’m so sorry that this has been such a rough time for you, in more ways than one. Sending you big virtual hugs! xxx And thank you for featuring my post : ) lots of love <3 <3

  6. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    Awww sweetie I’m so sorry to hear you are having a rough time :( I am sending you big hugs!!

    On the upside I love this collection of links! I am totally going to make that turmeric dressing and I just downloaded that Buycott app a few days ago! I rarely buy packaged goods (and usually only at the health food store) but I love what they are doing- I agree it’s a great start!

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