Three-Day Juice Cleanse + The Juice Works Review

Happy Monday readers! If you have a mom (or any kind of motherly figure) in your life, I hope you were able to spend time celebrating with them yesterday! Sadly, I could not be with my mom in person yesterday, but I’m grateful that she was in town just a few weeks ago and that we got to listen to our “mother/daughter song” at the Fleetwood Mac concert.  <3

So about that juice cleanse I did last week….


I decided to try a cleanse in an effort to reset my system and to de-clutter my insides from both dissertation stress-related eating and dissertation stress-related emotions. Although my commitment to clean eating, yoga and exercise kept me mostly on track during those last couple grueling months of the dissertation process, I still fell off the wellness-wagon more often than I would have liked. I indulged in one too many nights of stress eating, and one too many days of near-nervous breakdowns. Both felt toxic in my body, and I thought a juice cleanse would be a great way to press the restart button.

I was thrilled to find The Juice Works, a Minneapolis-based juice delivery company, to help me on my cleansing journey. Their product and customer service reflect their mission:

“We believe in the good stuff. Sunlight. Fresh, whole foods. Balanced nutrition. So it makes sense that those are the ingredients the only ingredients in every one of our fresh-pressed vegetable juices.”

The Juice Works provides made to order fresh pressed juices, personal healthy living consultations, mobile juice bar, and catering for healthy events. They offer several options for customers who are interested in a cleanse: a three-day all juice cleanse (which is what I did); a five-day “juice until dinner” cleanse; a ten-day “juice until dinner” cleanse; a thirty-day “juice until dinner” cleanse; as well as individual juice purchase. All of their juices are handmade, and they strive to be 100% organic. They are also starting a “Custom Cleanse” program where you can request your favorite juice blend. On top of all that, delivery is free. I was sold.

The founders of the company, Heather and Mike Haugen, practice what they “preach,” as both are committed to healthy living in various capacities and drink their own product. (And Heather teaches Gyrotonic pilates and aerial yoga classes at MN Movement Arts Studio. So cool!). I was in communication with Mike and had the best customer service experience ever. He was very responsive to email and showed commitment to providing me the most convenient experience possible. He literally delivered the fresh juice to my door step the morning of my cleanse. It’s rare to find that kind of personal attention in any company these days. Leave it to Minnesotans!

(photo: The Juice Works)

The founders, Mike and Heather. (photo: The Juice Works)

I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to take it fairly easy during the three days of my cleanse. Although I was still quite physically active–continued my usual exercise routine for the most part and taught three yoga classes–I was able to take a break from my other work, which was tremendously helpful to the process of cleansing. Other than the time on Day Three when my car got towed (ugh), I was feeling very relaxed.

And, of course, I was feeling “light.” I think that light feeling that so many cleansers talk about treads on some thin ice in that it triggers major Eating Disorder mentality, so I say that with intentional danger quotes. It’s great to feel less bloated and to know that you didn’t overeat just because, so in that sense, feeling light is pretty great. But it becomes dangerous if we get addicted to that sensation, which is something I have to be very careful about.

As for the juices themselves, I was quite pleased! The Juice Works provided me with six juices a day: two Carrot Juices (Carrots and Romaine); two Sweet Beet Juices (Carrots, Romaine, Spinach, Ginger, Beets and Lemon Juice); two Green Juices (Kale, Romaine, Spinach, Celery, Ginger and Lemon Juice). The Carrot and Beet juices were delicious—smooth and instantly energizing. The Green Juice took some getting used to. It is, as the company admits on their website, very green. I’m a gal who likes her greens, but it still took me a few times before I was really enjoying the taste. But by day three (and after finally pouring it over ice, per the company’s recommendation), I loved it!

You’ll notice there aren’t any sweet fruits on those lists, which is something I really appreciate about The Juice Works. Although I don’t believe we should be afraid of fruit sugar, I do think there are benefits to going totally sugar-free (even fruit sugar) for cleanses. It was a really nice to experience getting energy from vegetables rather than fruit sugar energy.

The juices definitely kept me full, although I have to admit that I only got in five juices a day instead of six, so there were moments that I felt energy depleted. Some energy depletion is normal on a cleanse, but this felt more like calorie deficit fatigue than cleanse fatigue. That’s totally my fault, not the juices.

I have never been able to do more than a single day of a liquid-only cleanse, and even that included smoothies. I know my ability to stay the course on this cleanse had everything to do with having all the juices pre-made at my disposal. Because of this, I highly recommend juice delivery services. But do your homework. Make sure that the juices are freshly made, mostly organic, and not frozen or processed.

The cost of any service like this will be a bit steep, but my grocery bill for the week was a third of what it usually is. Those of us in the healthy living blogosphere say this a lot, but it’s true: invest in your health now, avoid doctor bills later. Splurging on food (or juice) is such a worthwhile investment!

For you local Minnesotans, I highly recommend checking out The Juice Works. Their website and blog are full of information about juicing and healthy living more generally. (Local or not, you might want to friend them on Facebook, because they post great health-related stuff!)

I was definitely happy to be able to chew my food the day after the cleanse, but the three days was totally doable, and definitely provided me what I was looking for. For those of you who aren’t into liquid-only cleanses, maybe try a “juice until dinner” cleanse just to give your digestive system a bit of a break. And to give your emotions some space to breathe. <– (#imsuchanembarassinghippie)

The Juice Works was also kind enough to offer you readers a 10% discount if you email them and say you were referred by The Rebel Grrrl Kitchen! Minnesotans, what are you waiting for?!


How do you feel about cleanses? Have you ever done a juice delivery service? If you’re local, do you think you’ll give The Juice Works a try?

*The Juice Works provided me a discount in exchange for my honest review of their product and service. All opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Three-Day Juice Cleanse + The Juice Works Review

  1. Kibby@Kibby's Blended Life says:

    Way to go, Rach! I understand – stress and emotional breakdowns are very toxic and rough on our bodies – a juice cleanse was a great decision and glad you had a great experience and feeling the positive results already. I’ve never done a juice cleanse straight up for several days. I have with smoothies. I love doing them, b/c my body REALLY has a chance to slow down and do repair/healing work and my digestion gets a break. I always feel satisfied doing them – some days energized, some days slower b/c of the detoxing. It’s all good though. My body is dumping the crud and making room for BETTER. thanks for sharing this experience and your review. I ALWAYS feel the cost is worth it when it comes to mine and my families health. I haven’t been to a doctor for sickness in 15 years. What you put into your body (food and thoughts and cleaning out emotional baggage) has been KEY for me. I learn something new all the time and flow with it all. XO

    • raechel says:

      Thanks, Kibby! I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do just juices (I like the thickness and texture of smoothies–makes me feel like I can chew it almost!), but it was nice to do all juice for a short time. I love the idea of dumping to make room for better things. Makes me feel so excited for every new moment! : )

  2. FoodFeud says:

    I totally agree with you on appreciating non-fruit juices. I find a lot of them way too sweet, and they’re in everything! I am definitely a fan of cleanses, and I’m probably overdue for one. Three days sounds like just the right amount of time, but it really does seem important to not overexert oneself. (Therein lies the rub; when do I have time to take off work??)
    I haven’t done any delivery juice cleanses, though I do think it’s worth it. maybe I’ll find one here that works for me. Glad it made you feel good and recharged :)

    • raechel says:

      Sigh, I know. I am in such a privileged position as a grad student to be able to do things like this. It is definitely possible to do this stuff and still keep up with normal activity, but I think it helps if you get to rest. Maybe over a long weekend? (But that sucks, cause long weekends are usually holiday weekends which means eating food with people!)

      Someday, after the revolution, no one will have to work so hard that they don’t have time to do a three-day juice cleanse….

  3. Natalia says:

    “#imsuchanembarassinghippie” hehe.
    The Juice Works sound like a wonderful company – we don’t have anything like it here in Auckland (hello kiwi entrepreneurs, here’s a business opportunity for you!! I’ll be your first customer..!!), but maybe someday soon… : )

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