Friday Five!

Happy Friday! I am feeling mostly refreshed after my three days of juice cleansing/healing/restoring. I hit a bump in the road last night when my car got towed (and is currently being held hostage at the impound lot until some paperwork gets sorted out), which wasn’t a great way to end my three days of self-care.  I think cleansing makes you feel stuff more intensely because you don’t have food to bury your emotions in, so this felt like a true disaster in the moment it happened, but I’m trying to have a good attitude now—better it happened when I can bike most places than in the winter, right? (Remember to check back on Monday for a full cleanse report-back and review of The Juice Works!)

Now it’s back to work to prepare for the dissertation defense. Adieu, three days off; it’s been real.

But first, the Friday Five!

Decolonizing Yoga

This is a site after my own heart. The site was started after the yoga protests that happened outside of the Hyatt when Yoga Journal held their conference at the boycotted hotel. In an effort to keep the momentum of yoga/social justice voices going, some of the activists created a Facebook page and blog to highlight “the voices of queer people, people of color, disability activists and more in relationship to yoga and countering oppression in general.” The site is full of amazing articles, videos, and reflections. Check it out!


Blueberry Coconut Ice cream

Kari’s outdone herself with this blueberry coconut ice cream. Vegan. No ice cream maker required. Blueberry, creamy goodness. Must make.


Nutritional Yeast: the good & the bad

This short article from The Kind Life talks about the pros and cons of nutritional yeast (or “nooch”). Although commended for its flavor, Alicia says it’s still a highly processed food that should be used in moderation. [Um, note to self: stop dumping half a carton of nooch on your salad every night. Whoops.] But it’s not terrible for you, and the article also provides links to nine nooch-filled recipes.


Heart Healthy Omega Granola

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had fat for almost a week because of the juice cleanse, but this nut-heavy omega granola sounds soooo good to me right now. That Leanne is full of good ideas, and I’m thinking about getting her vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free ebook, Dessert Freedom. Anyone else have it?


Strawberry Labor Under Fire

Did you all hear this news about the California farm workers that got fired for leaving mid-shift to escape a nearby forest fire?! Totally crazy. This follow-up post on Grist explains how even though the workers were non-union, the United Farm Workers stepped in to help them get their jobs back, but only a handful actually went back. Just another friendly reminder to think about the labor behind our food!


Have a great weekend! xoxo

Have you ever had your car towed? Do you love the mission of Decolonizing Yoga? Are you a nooch-aholic? Are you totally going to make that ice cream?!

17 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. angela says:

    YES, I am totally making that ice cream! Yep, noochaholic here, but I try to limit my quantities. Thankfully I have never had my car towed, so sorry that happened! How frustrating. I will have to save the other articles for later, but as usual, thank you for the great reads and ideas :)

  2. twitchysister says:

    Totes a noochaholic. And honestly, I’d never thought about a lot of the subject matter on Decolonizing Yoga until I clicked on the link! I’m not terribly involved in the yoga community, though I’d like to carve out space for regular practice eventually…and SURPRISE: the discrimination among women of different races, sizes, etc. really is evident. Goes to show you that there is corruption and mass-stereotyping even within the wellness community. We need more rockstar social justice activists like you, lady!

  3. Lou says:

    Oh I am LOVING that yoga site, thanks for the link :) Also love Kari’s blog and that ice cream is on my To-Make list for this weekend, looks amazing! Bummer on your car being towed, that sucks. Grrr. I totally agree that you seem to FEEL things more when you are cleansing….. I experienced this when I was eating 100% raw, my emotions where so much more, RAW ;) Hugs!

  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    Thanks so much for the ice cream shout out! I nearly choked on my tea when my name popped up ;) Thank you! I am so sorry to hear about your car though – that is no fun at all. I hope it doesn’t cause you too much inconvenience or too much cost…

  5. Natalia says:

    Yes, I have had my car towed once – not fun. I’m sorry it’s happened to you too!! Loving the links today – the yoga website is so refreshing, and I’m definitely a nooch lover (had no idea it was called that!!), though I don’t use it that often anyway.

  6. Christy@SweetandSavoring says:

    That nut heavy granola- and the ice cream!- sounds delicious. I know I can get over emotional when I haven’t been on my regular eating schedule; it’s easy to imagine how things are intensified when on a juice cleanse.
    Ha ha, ‘nooch’ is such a funny word, just heard it for the first time this week!
    Good luck preparing for your defense!

  7. rhetoricalcookery says:

    I consume an absurd amount of nooch. But I have a ‘dumb’ question: why is “processed” food viewed as default bad? It seems like there are a lot of “healthy” foods that are processed — oils, some natural sweeteners like agave and brown rice syrup, dark chocolate, etc. I guess what I’m asking (and was confused about from the linked article) is what about nooch being processed makes it unhealthy / bad? Is it just that it is *less* healthy than eating, say, an apple? Or is there something uniquely insidious about the processing of nooch?

    • raechel says:

      That’s a super good question, friend. I think most of it is that undeniably a whole food is better for you than a processed food. But the particular problems of processed food I think has to do with the fact that the food becomes less nutrient dense. I know you read Brendan Braizer’s stuff, so just think about his whole nutrient dense thing and how any type of processing will diminish the nutrients in it. So it becomes some empty calories.

      Oh look, I just found a link that says the same thing:

      But, I may almost be a “doctor,” but I’m not ever gonna be a *doctor*, so as with all food blogs, take it with a grain of (pink himalayan sea) salt. ; )

  8. Ttrockwood says:

    Nooch is awesome. And has great nutrition. Since it is one of the few highly processed foods i consume i have no intention of cutting back :))
    And i just put my coconut milk in the fridge so i can make that ice cream tommarow!!

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