Friday Five!

Another Friday. The end of what was surely an emotionally difficult week for many of us trying to make sense of the tragedy in Boston, and the chaos that’s ensuing there now. (And trying to make sense of why some things are constituted as more grievable than others, and trying to make sense of why racism guides blame-placing, and why profit guides news reporting, etc). But also the end of a week when we got to witness a lot of beautiful moments of human compassion and connection.


In a yoga class I took the day after it happened, our instructor had us begin class by sitting in a circle and holding hands. “Just to know you’re not alone,” she said.

I’m grateful for so many things at the end of this week, one of the many being that I get to share in more love and community this weekend at a dear friend’s wedding. I hope that you too get to end your week by connecting with others, too. <3

In the meantime, why not take a look at this week’s Friday Five?

NOTE: The FF will feature fewer pictures as I have recently started to realize that it may not be entirely ethical for me to copy photos from other bloggers, even if I attribute and link their recipes. Guess you’ll have to click to see the goods!


Banana Bread Protein Bars

Okay, okay. So last week I featured a carrot cake protein bar, and this week it’s Angela’s Banana Bread Protein Bars. To explain, I am in the final lap of a truly grueling dissertation writing-process, and I’ve been craving both comfort and brain-fuel food. Enter cakey protein things. And as Angela notes in her post: “Seeking comfort in food isn’t as bad as those ridiculous diet magazines make it out to be.” Amen.


Industry and “Natural Capital”

This is a really interesting article about discourse surrounding big business and environmentalism. Rather than talking about “externalities,” David Roberts suggests understanding the use of “natural capital.” Roberts writes, “The distance between today’s industrial systems and truly sustainable industrial systems — systems that do not spend down stored natural capital but instead integrate into current energy and material flows — is not one of degree, but one of kind. What we need is not just better accounting, it is a new global industrial system, a new way of providing for human wellbeing, a new way of relating to our planet. We need a revolution.” That’s a rallying call I can get behind.


Juice Boom

This article from the New York Times is all about the surge of juicing popularity. Whereas half a decade ago juice enthusiasts were “zealots form the raw food fringe,” today, the author portends, “with practices like yoga and veganism being absorbed into the mainstream, it’s only natural that many of us would aspire to do as Gwyneth does.” The rest of the article gives an interesting look into the folks behind some of the biggest juice bars in the US. Worth a read if you’re on the juicing wagon!


Kiss of Sunshine Smoothie

I love the sound of this smoothie from Crunch Living. It sounds refreshing, delicious, and, well, sunny. And for my fellow MN readers who are enduring this snowy April, I think we could use all the sunny we can get, right?


Happiest Puppies

Leave it to BuzzFeed Animals to make my day with pictures of cute puppies.



Have a beautiful weekend. xoxoxo

14 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Kibby@Kibby's Blended Life says:

    What a CUTE puppy picture! I always go mushy with animal pictures (especially little ones). Have a fantastic weekend at the wedding and with friends. Sounds like you could REALLY use the get away and connections with all the dissertation work. Have fun! XO

  2. Kathleen says:

    I really like that quote from Mr. Rodgers — there ARE good people out there, and sometimes dark times makes those lights stands out even more. :) I love protein-cake treats. It seems so bad but so good! ;)

  3. Natalia says:

    “none would be profitable if environmental costs were fully integrated.” !!
    I attended a lecture on an economist’s views of restructuring our current systems to support the environment (and human happiness!)(the first time I have gone to a lecture about economics… and it was so interesting!), and he called for a revolution too! It was inspiring stuff – now to actually get people to DO it!!

    The smoothie looks delicious, and is definitely one to bookmark once strawberry season comes around again! In the meantime, Im enjoying browsing through your autumn archives – I’m going to try your Peachy Green Pumpkin Smoothie asap!

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