Friday Five!

Dear friends. Happy Friday! Let me tell you something. My week started out kind of rocky. I was dealing with a lot of emotional stuff that was partly a result of my school/work stuff, which is pretty much all-encompassing right now. But guess what? I snapped out of my funk with just a few simple tricks. Namely: (lots and lots of) yoga, nature walks, friends, and shifting my attention towards others instead of myself. Works like a charm.

So I’m happy to bring you this Friday Five with an earnest smile. Enjoy some treats and some other stuff!

1. Buckwheat Soba Noodles with Dandelion Green Pesto

I love everything about this recipe. Dandelion greens, buckwheat, and a vegan pistachio pesto?! How incredible does that sound? And I love that Lindsey served this on top of a big bed of greens. (Also, be sure to peruse around the rest of the dollyandoatmeal blog, for more amazing recipes, gorgeous photography, and amazing pictures of bulldogs!).


2. More on Monsanto

I wish that I didn’t feel compelled to post about Monsanto on the FF so often, but it’s some really messed up stuff that’s happening. On Tuesday, the president signed the Farmer Assurance Provision (what opponents are calling the “Monsanto Protection Act”). This article lays out five reasons why this legislation is very, very bad–(including that it was co-written by Monsanto and that it has no regulations against GMOs).

3. Spring Sweets!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you’ll probably want to make some of these adorable treats that have been floating around the internet in honor of this Sunday’s holiday (and the coming of spring in general). I love the sound of these Raw Easter Cookies from Vegan Yak Attack, Gabby’s amazing “Peanut Butter” & Caramel-filled Chocolate Eggs, and Laura’s Superfood Chocolate Easter Eggs (pictured below). All of these goodies are refined-sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan (of course).


4. National Farmworker Awareness Week: Is Cheap Food Good Food?

Did you know that it was National Farmworker Awareness Week? Not exactly a hot topic in the media, unfortunately. This video made in honor of the week gives a short, but powerful look at the cost of cheap food. “The link between the inexpensive foods we all take for granted each day and the farmworkers that pick and raise our food is often overlooked. However, a food system that is cheap, but is built on the backs of the poor is not moral and is not sustainable.” Watch here.

5. Crow Pose!

This is one of the most challenging poses for the yoga students I teach. Indeed, it took me months of my own practice before I was able to master the elusive “crow pose.” That’s why I was glad to find this video that Tara Stiles made for FitSugar. It covers a lot of good tips, but I would add a couple things: focus more on your core than your arm strength; and figure out where your knees balance best on your triceps: for some it’s on the sides, some it’s higher or lower.

Have you ever had soba noodles? Any thoughts on Monsanto? Any Easter plans? How is your crow pose?

(PS: I always crack up when I write those end-of-the-post questions because a friend of mine once pointed out that if anyone asked those questions in a row out of context, they would sound like a complete lunatic. So now I always imagine asking those questions to someone randomly on a bus. Hilarious. If you ever feel moved to do this in real life and then tell me about it, I will send you a box of treats. For serious.)

18 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Peaches and Greens says:

    Hahaha I am totally going to ask someone those questions! I think they’d be hilarious ice-breaker question. Much better than “where are you from?” etc… Also, sorry to hear you had a rough week; I know how the dissertation blues can get you down, BUT you’re soooo close now! Keep your chin up! If they made PhDs easy then everyone would have one. It takes a LOT of strength so being kind to yourself is key, but seems like you figured that one out for yourself ;)

    Thanks for sharing the crow pose video; it’s something I’m trying to work towards in my own practice (among others!) and I can use all the help I can get!

    Also, thank you for sharing my recipe, super exciting!

    Love the Friday five, as always! Have a lovely Easter and take care!! xx

  2. Kibby@Kibby's Blended Life says:

    Don’t even get me started on Monsanto! :( I am still working on my crow pose – this video was very helpful along with your input. Thanks! Staying home for Easter – nothing special on board – probably playing in the kitchen with some new recipes to try out. My kind of day! Have a great weekend and glad you got your “blues” kicked to the curb side. Love ya!

  3. dollyandoatmeal says:

    thank you for your lovely comments about my blog, totally made my day (and probably weekend too!). this video is awesome. i’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years but have yet to do crow pose. this video makes it look so doable. looking forward to trying it out! thanks, raechel!

    • raechel says:

      I’m glad it made your day….Your blog makes my day all the time. That bulldog of yours just steals my heart! : )

      I hope you do try crow pose. Inversions provide so many benefits!

  4. angela says:

    I love soba noodles!
    This Monsanto news is depressing.Somehow people need to get more outraged about this and take back the power that Monsanto has over our food supply.
    I look forward to watching the Farmworker Awareness video you posted. Also a very important issue.
    I have never done crow pose in my several years of practicing yoga. I’ve always taken classes that seem to stick to more basic poses, so I haven’t tried many balancing asanas. Someday!

    • raechel says:

      I think getting people outraged first requires education…I think most people have no idea about food policies like this. Sigh.

      I hope you do try crow pose! : )

  5. frugalveganmom says:

    Hahaaa hilarious idea about asking people the questions in person. Scary stuff about Monsanto. I have been making half hearted attempts at crow for years – right now I am more interested in working on a headstand pose, but they never teach it in any of the corepower classes I go to. I’m planning to start working on it daily at home, I have this dream of replicating this photo with baby #2:

    any tips for me?!

    • raechel says:

      Hm, what Corepower studios do you go to? They are supposed to break down the headstand pose in C1.5 if you can ever get to any of those, and at the Uptown studio, I often have teachers break it down in C2 also. The biggest thing is to get the arms position right. If you start in Dolphin Dog (down dog, but on your forearms), then interlace your fingers together, and bring your head in between your hands. Then bring your elbows all the way in, so that your head and ears are tucked right up against your arms. Think about bringing weight into the forearms rather than the top of the head. From there, walk your toes toward the front of the mat until they are as far in as they can go—you should feel like your hips are over your shoulders. Then slowly bend your knees and start to raise your legs toward the ceiling, both at the same time. Never kick into headstand. After your legs start to go in the air, it’s all about trusting your balance. Practice against a wall to build up strength/courage! : )

      That would be quite a picture to recreate!

    • raechel says:

      Wow, I hadn’t heard of that documentary before. Really fascinating, thank you for sharing! (It helps that I was a weird pre-teen who had a celebrity crush on Jeremy Irons, so anything he does is gold to me.)

  6. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    Not that I needed another blog to follow, but I will certainly be following dollyandoatmeal now, I love her photos!

    Thanks for mentioning my Easter treats!

    Really interesting video on the perils of a cheap food system and that article on Obama signing the “Monsanto Protection Act” made me so angry! Thanks for sharing it, I hadn’t any idea that even happened!

    Glad you are feeling better :)

    • raechel says:

      Oh I know! I feel like that every time I discover a new awesome blog. It’s like “YES!…but, wait…NOOOOO.” So many blogs, so little time.

      Just made your eggs last night and sampled one before presenting it at the premiere party tonight…. SOOO yummy! : )

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