Friday Five!

You guys! The combination of yr magic get-well vibes + my for real rest day worked like a charm! I am basically totally healthy. Thank goodness! While my sickies kept me out of spring break fun for a few days, they will not keep me from this weekend’s shenanigans, which include a friend’s Belated St. Paddy’s Day-slash-Groundhog’s Day Party (yes, you read that right), as well as a night of gay bar dancing in an honor of a special out-of-town guest birthday boy!


Second best thing to the weekend? Fun things from the internet, of course!:

1. Brilliant Beet Juice

Linda Wagner’s fruity citrus beet juice looks and sounds absolutely incredible! I bet if I make a big batch of this and sip on it with my eyes closed, I might be able to trick myself into thinking it’s actually spring….


2. ATTN: Vegan Wine Lovers

This guest post from the folks at Vegan Vine, featured on A Dash of Compassion is enlightening and stomach-turning. It breaks down the myriad of non-vegan ways that wine is sometimes processed, including methods that involve egg whites and fish bladders. Gag! Because reading wine labels can be trickier than food labels (the same regulations do not apply), Vegan Vine gives you some tips so you can ensure cruelty-free vino sipping.

3. Poultry Production Bad for You, for Animals, and for Workers

Michelle Chen, keeper of my food-focused syndicalist heart, does it again. Her article about the health hazards faced by workers at poultry factories is an important reminder that all oppression is connected, and that our food choices influence more than the environment, the animals, and our health—-they influence the treatment of laborers.

4. 2-Ingredient Watermelon Cake

There are a million reasons to visit Sayward’s Bonzai Aphrodite blog—(beautiful writing! gorgeous photography! fabulous inspiration!)—but if you need some hard proof, just take a look at this brilliant watermelon “cake.” Watermelon + whipped coconut milk/cream. C’est tout. Love it!


5. Kindness Be Conceived

The blog has been kind of music-heavy lately. Blame the changing of the seasons. It always motivates me to revamp my playlists and albums. I think there’s something yogic going on beneath these Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (feat. Joanna Newsom (!)) lyrics. And it’s a lovely little melody, too. <3

Sweet, right?

What’s your favorite juice to make? Are you a wine drinker, and if so, do you try to buy vegan wine? Isn’t that watermelon cake amazing?!

Happy weekend! xoxo

8 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Peaches and Greens says:

    Oh my goodness, gay bar dancing is such fun!! I hope you have a fantastic time! That beet juice make me really want a juicer…how do you think it would do being vitamixed and strained? Probably not the same. Also, when I heard that song, it reminded me of a band called Wild Child. You may already know them, but if not then you should check them out. Thanks for another fab Friday five!

  2. Natalia says:

    Ooh, that cake is beautiful :) Thank you for introducing me to Bonzai Aphrodite! And re: the wine… ahhh, Im such a wino! My parents live in wine country here in NZ, and whenever Im at their house, there is a *healthy* supply of wine ;) Until recently, I had no idea that wine could have animal products. And until this post, I didn’t know exactly *why* animal products were involved, so thank you for the informative article! Next time Im wine shopping, Ill be curious to see if my favourites have those ingredients. This comment is turning into an essay, but Ill just add ONE more thing: I started a new blog – I know that sounds like a shameless plug, but you’re mentioned in it so I just wanted you to know ;) x

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