Review: Traditional Medicinals Tea

Last week the wonderful folks at Traditional Medicinals sent me three boxes of their herbal teas to review on the blog. My goody package included Peppermint Tea, Roasted Dandelion Root, and Everyday Detox.


Traditional Medicinals is a company with a mission I can get behind. They started in 1974 as a small herb shop dedicated to promoting herbal wellness through Traditional Herbal Medicine. They also practice quality assurance and scientific testing of all their products, and secure “pharmacopoeial” quality herbs to ensure their teas delivered the intended healing and wellness effects. I particularly appreciate that they combine ancient wisdom like Ayurveda with contemporary science to create a product they believe can soothe digestion troubles, stress, hormone imbalance, and other related ills. You can read more about their thoughtful company on their informational website.

I’m a big tea drinker. In fact, outside of water, it’s pretty much the only beverage I drink. My daily go-to tea during my workday is a jasmine/ginger mix, heavier on the ginger. At night, I stick to totally herbal teas like cinnamon and vanilla. When I feel like I’m indulging in too much dessert, I try to curb my after dinner sweet-cravings with teas instead of sweets. Needless to say, tea is kind of a big deal in my life.

I sampled each of the teas on different nights after dinner last week.

The best thing about all of them is that they all seemed to keep my digestion ‘regular.’ I usually end the night with Natural Calm to ensure a, umm, “successful” morning (ifyouknowwhatimean), but I skipped the magnesium in favor of the teas, and had an equally awesome next morning. (#tmi? #justafoodbloggertalkingaboutpoop). So, I give all of them big thumbs up for their digestion-promoting effects!

Taste-wise, there was a hands-down winner and a hands-down loser, but I’m convinced this is totally subjective.

I *loved* the Dandelion tea. The roasted flavor is so comforting and rich, it tastes a little like some kind of mocha. I haven’t tried this yet, but Nikki made a dandelion tea latte, and I know this would be delicious with this tea.


I honestly can’t get enough of this stuff. And the benefits of dandelion go beyond digestion, as you can read on their clever and informative label.

The taste-loser? I was not a fan of the flavor of Everyday Detox, but it’s possible it’s just because I have an aversion to one of the herbs. Despite not liking the flavor, the experience of drinking it was still smooth, which is not something you can say for all teas. Also, it wasn’t horrible, and I still plan to finish the box!


The peppermint was pure and calming. I have never been a huge peppermint fan, but it really does do good things for easing post-dinner grumbellies. (grumbellies: n., v. portmanteau of “grumble” + “belly.” used to describe any amount of discomfort in the stomach; origin: my adorable momma, who invented it to describe our aging doggy’s tummy troubles).


I also love that each box of tea is described with the tea’s “Personality,” “Herbal Power,” “Reason to Love,” and “Taste.”

This tea may be hard to find in stores, so I highly recommend exploring their website and ordering from them online. They have a lot of amazing varieties, and many of these teas would be great to incorporate into a spring wellness cleanse. I know I plan on purchasing a box of the Organic Cranberry Weightless.

Are you a tea person? Do you believe in the power of herbs to heal? What box of Traditional Medicinals tea do you want to try?

Disclaimer: Traditional Medicinals sent me their teas free of charge, but I did not get compensated for this review, and all opinions are my own.

16 thoughts on “Review: Traditional Medicinals Tea

  1. Kibby@Kibby's Blended Life says:

    Great review! I love teas myself. I’ve never tried this company but definitely plan on it. Well, after your high praises of the dandelion tea – that’s the one I’d like to try first. I LOVE roasted dandelion type drinks and know that they are good for the liver and gallbladder. I love that you talk about poop – me too! Nothing wrong about that. We all do it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions on each one and have a fabulous day, my tea buddy! :)

  2. nikki says:

    Great review. Traditional Medicinals is a brand of tea I’ve been drinking since the 90’s! I love them. Right now I have a box of their nettle tea. I’m curious about the cranberry weightless.

    Thanks for mentioning my latte post! I definitely appreciate the um, digestive, benefits of dandelion. I’m a food blogger AND a nurse, so *digestion* is very much a part of my every day reality. #myliferevolvesaroundpoop :)

  3. FoodFeud says:

    haha, funny! While I’m reading this, I’m drinking a chocolate flavored laxative tea instead of eating dessert, so this is quite fitting. I’m not a big fan of mint tea but the detox tea and the dandelion root one both sound incredible! Hooray for teas.

  4. Lou says:

    ooooo you lucky duck! What a great range of products to try – I am a herbal tea BEAST…. I always have some sort of tea on the go…. I have nettle tea daily (a really strong infusion) – it’s high in iron, a blood purifier, and great for anxiety. Also love licorice, ginger, jasmine, hibiscus, raspberry leaf – I could go ON and ON ;) Dandelion root brewed like coffee is my FAVOURITE though – I have about 3 a day – I posted the link to your FB page.

  5. doribraverman says:

    Hi Raechel! Thanks for the detailed review. I just picked up a couple boxes of their tea last week! I haven’t tried the everyday detox one yet, but I am getting the same taste reaction to their “Smooth Move” tea. :P

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