Friday Five

Hey friends, it’s been another super busy week over here, and I’m afraid that will be the norm for a while. The next two months of my life are going to more high-stress than usual as I move into the editing stage on my dissertation, trying to get it ready to defend in May. I’m trying so hard to stay in my “yoga place” about all the work, and the insecurities, and the trying to find balance, but it’s tough. Send me good vibes?

One thing that helps is giving myself a break to do non-academic things like the blog. And so it is with relief and appreciation that I bring you this week’s batch of the Friday Five!

1. Pea Hummus

This pea hummus from Addicted to Veggies looks and sounds delicious. I love peas and I also think they are kind of spring-y (which is a good thing as I get antsier and antsier for spring’s arrival). Yum!


2. Milky Deception

This horrifying report from NPR reveals that the dairy industry is currently lobbying for the right to add aspartame to milk and not mention it on the from label. This means consumers—kids, in particular—will be more likely to drink and get hooked on milk, but without any knowledge that they’re consuming a cancer-producing artificial sweetener.

Disturbing, not surprising, and another reason to go vegan.

3. Keystone Findings Rebutted

Last week the media was abuzz with a report from the State Department that claimed that the Keystone Pipeline would not cause any environmental problems. This is pretty laughable, and fortunately a bunch of environmentalists spoke up to correct this misinformation. Grist has a nice overview here.

4. ‘Chocolate’ Malt

Mmmm, this recipe from Oatmeal with a Fork sounds sooo yummy. Was anyone else a fan of Whoppers back in the day? I have vivid memories of being at the drive-in as a kid, eating with delight those malted milk balls of sugar and chemicals. While the thought of that grosses me out now, I like the idea of a healthy version of a malt! Using carob seems to be the key to success in this recipe.


5. Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s International Women’s Day! Here’s a neat article from Judith Newton about the connections between International Women’s Day and food justice movement, and a new way to “reclaim the kitchen.” Here’s a list of bad-ass lady uprisings. Here’s an article about women and food sovereignty. And here’s a poster with a quote from the Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912 where women workers demanded not just bread, but roses too!


What do you do to get through high-stress times? Are you antsy for spring? Any thoughts on the milk labels? Do you do anything to celebrate International Women’s Day?

9 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. nikki says:

    An abundance of good vibes to you, my friend! Editing and defending a dissertation must be stressful. I agree that taking little breaks, for things like blogging, really make a difference. I sat at my laptop typing for ten hours yesterday before I realized that I REALLY needed a break. Ha! Academic life.

    Aspartame in milk is BS. Ugh. I really hope we can put the breaks on that.

    I used to be a huge fan of malt balls, too. That shake looks awesome.

    Happy Women’s day!

  2. ktliz777 says:

    ahh. the milk article is really upsetting. i’m not quite sure why children would be (and apparently are?) preoccupied with the calorie content of their beverages? but to replace the sugar in chocolate milk with aspartame just seems ludicrous and irresponsible! and then being sneaky about the labeling makes it that much worse. ugh. :(

    • raechel says:

      I know, that’s one of the craziest parts…Like, what kid is actually concerned with the calorie content of milk? And it’s just scary what people can get away with on labels….

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    Lots and lots of well wishes for these last few months. I remember that pointy end of the PhD process and it is tough, but the one perk is that the end is in sight and you know far more than you think you know – believe in that and the thought of defending it gets easier! Lots of structured work / break time helped me too, as well as exercise.

    • raechel says:

      Yes structure is super important, and I have never once compromised my yoga/exercise routine for school because I know that would make things waaay worse. And thank you for the reminder that I know more than I think….Right now I am having one of those unpleasant bursts of “imposter syndrome.” Boo.

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