WIAW: Back on Track Monday Eats

Last weekend I had an amazing time visiting old friends in Chicago. We shared laughs, conversation, dancing, and flâneuring about the city streets—-my old stomping grounds. I also shared food and libations. The kind of food libations that I almost never eat anymore….Think multiple glasses of sangria, guacamole and chips, and, the midwestern favorite, “puppy chow.” Yikes!

It was totally worth it—to share in food and merriment with those near and dear to my heart—to not have to say, “Sorry, I packed my own meal for your bachelorette party dinner.” No, at the beginning of the year, I made a promise to choose “friends over cleanse,” and I’m glad that I did.

But I used this oh-so-rare instance of falling off the whole food, clean eating wagon as a lesson in non-attachment. I had to remind myself that one night of eating did not make me gain 10 lbs, nor did it poison my otherwise healthy insides. I shook it off the next day (with a run, and lots and lots of water), and got right back to my usual clean eating habits.

And on Monday I decided to speed up the detox process with a mostly-liquid day of eats. There’s nothing the body likes more than a break from having to do heavy digesting! So, here’s a glimpse of my Monday eats for this edition of WIAW. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!


Morning started with my usual probiotic + warm water and lemon. Then it was off to my power sculpt class. (Oh, PS, I finally remembered to start updating my workout log, so feel free to check it out to see what I’ve been up to).

After my workout, I made a hearty smoothie with mango, berries, spinach, grapefruit, coconut water, protein powder, and spinach. Sooo yummy.


Then it was off to work on my dissertation at my office-away-from-home (read: the coffee shop down the block). I brought three giant carrots to munch on— (shh, don’t tell the baristas).


Dinner was a huge glass of my favorite green juice combo: green apple, lemon, cuc, parsley, kale, ginger, spinach.


I was craving something hearty, warm, and filling later in the night, so I enjoyed a large mug of a hot carob tonic. Warm water, carob powder, stevia, dates, banana, maca powder, chaga mushroom powder. So comforting and rich!


I was up late working on a dissertation chapter, so I needed something else to keep me going. I went for a mug of this peppermint tea from Traditional Medicinals. (It was wonderful and I’m excited to report that I will be doing a review and giveaway of their teas in the very near future!).


It felt nice to take a break from chewing, and I definitely felt like I shook off my weekend fare. That said, I was glad to get back to eating more solid food again on Tuesday.

As always, I struggle with approaching this stuff from a place of self-love and not body-hate. I really do feel better when I’m back to my clean eating, but I do have to work on staying connected to how I feel and not how I look. It’s a process!

How do you handle straying from your usual diet? Do you have to do some emotional work to feel okay? Do you try to bounce back with a cleanse?

13 thoughts on “WIAW: Back on Track Monday Eats

  1. Lou says:

    Friends over Cleanse – love this! I really feel the effects of straying from a super-clean diet…. mentally more so than physically – I find the mood swings that follow eating “sometimes” foods are pretty nasty for me. BUT sometimes you just got to indulge, right? It’s alll about balance, after all.

    • raechel says:

      I agree, I feel it mentally too. That’s why it has to be majorly rare. But I also felt mentally *good* by being able to share in the festivities with my friends!

  2. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I’m really glad you’re able to be balanced with social events and the like :) It always makes me sad when people have such strict rules that they can’t branch out on occasion. I know it can be hard to do, but I think it’s worth it for the balance and social connections. I love your stance and am glad you have found it easy settling back into more regular routines this week!

  3. nikki says:

    Great post! I like what you wrote about self-love vs body-hate. When I’m feeling crappy because I ate something that made me feel less than best, it’s easy to drift into a place of remorse. I’ve been working on having a more balanced approach to these situations, adding more gray to my black and white world of health, and slowly but surely I’ve learned to bounce back in a better way. Remembering to look at the big picture helps. I’m a healthy person with healthy habits 95% of the time. Straying from “the best” every now and then isn’t going to ruin everything. I agree with you that it’s emotional and physical. If I don’t feel physically well, I tend to get emotionally down. When my body feels great, my mind feels euphoric. The key for me was recognizing the connection.

    Your cleanse day looks great! I’m especially interested in the chaga mushroom powder. I’ve been eating more mushrooms because of their nutritional/immune supporting benefits. I’ll have to look into the chaga.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with friends. I’ve been so immersed with school and work. I’m really looking forward to having some friend & family time in a few weeks.

    • raechel says:

      Thanks for that response, Nikki. I agree with all of that!

      I did have a great weekend, but truthfully I felt a bit stressed out some of the time because I wasn’t glued to my work. I had a rough week getting back on track work-wise this week too!

  4. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    You know, I am working on that too- that eating one bad thing isn’t going to make me gain a ton of weight and in the grand scheme of things, when it’s surrounded by a ton of healthy food, it’s probably healthier for me to indulge! Because like it or not, sometimes it’s the “bad food” that makes you feel the happiest and happiness is a very healthy frame of mind :) Plus less stress = less cortisol = less weight gain, so benefits outweigh the potential pitfalls right? ;)

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