Friday Five!

Happy March! I have always misguidedly associated March with spring. This is a silly thing for me to do, considering I’ve lived in Midwestern cities that usually have snow until April. That said, there is still something spring-ish about this month, and after a long, cold, snowy winter, “ish” is good enough for me!

Also, this week has been kind of terrible (for me and a bunch of people I know), so I’m hoping a new month and hints of a new season will turn that around!

I’m about to embark on a fun weekend out of town for a friend’s bachelorette party, but before I go…..

The Friday Five:

1. Spicy Carrot Quesadillas

I *love* this idea from The Copycat Cook. No cheese, and not even vegan cheese. Pure veggie goodness. Must make!


2. Sugar, Health, and Political Economy

In case you needed more reasons to avoid refined sugar, here you go. (Are you convinced yet?)

3. Manage Cravings

Reading about the evils of sugar not enough to keep you away? Try using these helpful tools from One Green Planet to manage cravings (sweet, salty, savoury, and crunchy!).

4. Chocolate Banana Nut Butter Bites

This is so simple but sounds so perfect. I would even step it up a notch and sub the pb with almond butter, and use a very dark chocolate bar instead of the chips. Yum, right? Thanks Christal from Nutritionist in the Kitch!


5. Food Fight

Intense rhymes and pictures. Be warned.

(Kind of a far cry from my usual videos that feature cute baby pigs, but I think it’s a really interesting vehicle for this critique).

Do you associate March with Spring? How do you manage cravings? Do you love that go-to peanut butter/banana/chocolate combo? What do you think of that video—problematic or important?

14 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. dollyandoatmeal says:

    i too associate march with spring; i too have my spring-dreams crushed with the occasional April snow. it’s a great time of year though, as we get more daylight, stronger sun rays (not to mention more vitamin D), and my house plants seem to be perkier and happier these days. thumbs up on the butter, banana, choc. combo. and interesting video.

  2. frugalveganmom says:

    Yes I associate March with spring too – at least there is the HOPE of a 70 degree day, which would never happen in the previous 3 months, so I think it’s that hope that keeps us going for the last of the MN winter =)

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I know what you mean about spring – except for me it is autumn. It’s still pretty warm but it’s cooling down a little and I’m loving the thought of fall weather ahead :)

    Those carrot quesadillas look fantastic – thanks for the link!

  4. nikki says:

    March is such a tease. Yesterday was 60 degrees. But I know it can turn around in an instant and be freezing cold again. Still, it’s hard to not be hopeful.

    Those carrot quesadillas are brilliant. I’d love to try them. And yes to pb+banana bites. I’m with you on the almond butter and dark chocolate. Yum.

    I think the food message should be delivered in whatever vehicle necessary. I’ve definitely been to neighborhoods where real food was not accessible or affordable. On a lighter note, the scene at the end made me eager for farmers market season. :)

  5. Lou says:

    Carrot quesadillas – awesome…. plus those banana bites to finish – glorious. I’m with you on the almond butter and dark chocolate variation though – for SURE. Ahhhh, we are heading into the rainy season – boo, wish it were more in the Spring direction like you guys.

    • raechel says:

      It’s so strange to have different seasons, isn’t it? I keep wanting summer stuff because of what I’ve been reading on your blog the past few months!

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