Friday Five!

A very happy Friday to you! It’s definitely a happy one for me because in a few hours I am going to be picking up my mom from the airport! She’s making her belated-birthday visit this weekend, and I’m so so soooo excited. Living in a different state than her is so hard, so these visits are always so special. We always plan it for Oscar weekend because we have had a tradition of watching the Oscars together since I was little. We have other fun stuff on the list too, and I know it’s going to be a wonderful weekend. : )

I hope you have something to look forward to this weekend too! And if you don’t….now you do! Five things from the internet, from moi a vous.

1. Nutella, Banana, and Brownie Parfait

Omg, omg. Rachel’s recipes are always absolutely gorgeous and sound delicious, but I think this one takes the cake. Er, the parfait. Look at this! Then read the healthy ingredient list and be mind-blown. Then make and eat and be mind-blown again!


2. Morrisey Gets an All-Veg Concert

Leave it to Morrisey to make history by getting the Staples Center in Los Angeles to get their vendors to serve exclusively vegetarian food at his concert on March 1st. Oh, Morrisey; you charming man.

3. [Wellness] Discipline & [Financial] Punish

This story on NPR discusses the growing trend of mandated company “wellness programs” that try to get employees to to lose weight by following a particular set of “healthy” guidelines. If they don’t lose enough weight, the idea is that the employee will be responsible for a more expensive insurance package, letting the company off the hook. But as Morgan Downey explains (more eloquently), this really sucks because not all of these “healthy” guidelines actually work (and because weight doesn’t necessarily determine health).

I’ll spare you my Foucauldian response and just let you listen and decide what you think for yourself.

4. Pumpkin Seed and Herb Salad

I love the sound of this salad from Healthful Pursuit. Cilantro, mint, and parsley compliment the kale and a pumpkin seed oil dressing. Yum!


5. Do You Hear the People Sing?

Oscar weekend is a GREAT excuse to post one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite musicals. Les Miserables is on the top of my list for Oscar wins, and this song always gives me chills!

Oh my gosh, doesn’t this just make you want to love on Enjolras revolt?


Do you live in the same state as your parents? Do you like Morrisey? What do you think of that wellness program thing? Do you watch the Oscars? What movies do you want to win?

14 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Katy says:

    oh my, i love this entire post! The Morrisey news made me jealous; I would love to go to that concert for the music and the eats! And this Sunday is probably one of my favorite days of the year! My best friend and I have a tradition of watching; and my birthday was just a week or so ago as well so it’ll be an Oscar birthday party..even more fun! I’m rooting for Silver Linings Playbook, followed by Django, Life of Pi, and Zero Dark Thirty. I couldn’t get into Les Mis :/ .Thank you for the recipe and NPR shares! I definitely think health is not determined by weight, so perhaps another standard or combination of standards could be used… Have fun with your Mom! Luckily mine is just an hour away :]

  2. Kibby@Kibby's Blended Life says:

    No, we don’t watch the Oscars. We don’t have cable. We watch everything online. Scott ran our computer cables through to the television and we just watch what we want to for FREE. Pretty cool! Have a fantastic time with Mom and know that you both will make it special. I MUST make that parfait – Holy WOW! Thanks for sharing that little beauty! Loved all the links on this one. Talk with you soon. XOO

  3. frugalveganmom says:

    Wow, yeah, so much great stuff in this post! I have heard of Morrisey and sure I would recognize his songs, but not off the top of my head – that is SO awesome about the total veg concert though, I will have to look him up! My mom lives 25 minutes away in Plymouth and even that seems too far now that I have a kid – looking forward to a great weekend celebrating her 2nd birthday, today!!

  4. Lou says:

    Yeah well I live in a different country from my WHOLE family so I can imagine how excited you are to see your Mom – enjoy enjoy this special time you will have with her – sounds like you have a FAB weekend planned.

    LOVE Morrisey!! Man every time I read your Friday 5 I think to myself, ‘golly gee me and this groovy gal would be BESTIES if we ever met in person (!!!)’ So much in common!

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